The Versatile Blogger Award

versatile blogger award

I came home to quite a pleasant surprise this afternoon: apparently somebody not only enjoyed my ramblings on various topics, but they also found that I was worthy of being nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award! Thank you, Frankie! You’re a kind soul! Incidentally, you can stop by his place anytime, he’s always hospitable, ready to share his thoughts and has a great sense of humor:

Now… if only I had known in advance… here I am, receiving this honor and no new outfit for the occasion! The horror! Oh well… I guess I’ll have to make do with what I’ve got… at least I had my hair done this afternoon; but if my purse doesn’t match my dress, it’s all your fault, Frankie!

It seems that the protocol requires me to share 7 random facts about myself. I guess I can take care of this aspect, now that I can’t do anything more to save my outfit for this award ceremony.

1. I cannot survive without coffee (clearly it must be important, since it’s the first thing that comes to my mind…); chocolate comes second, right after coffee.

2. Objectively speaking, I have too many shoes; but I still don’t trust this ‘objective’ voice, as I’m pretty sure I don’t have enough.

3. Literature has always played an important part in my life, especially when I was a child.

4. I find cooking to be relaxing, unless somebody badgers me into doing it (i.e. my mother, whenever she visits).

5. I love the sea, but I hate swimming.

6. I never give money to beggars, but I do give them food.

7. I cannot stand narrow-minded people.

Now… this is the difficult part: choosing more nominees for the award. First of all, I’m not entirely sure how many there should be; second of all, I still haven’t managed to get used to how many talented people there are around here. But here goes, I’m closing my eyes and picking some of my favourites in no particular order: – I often wonder how many hours there are in her days, since she manages to do so many wonderful things; – his photographs are beautiful and he always cheers us up with the funny videos he
shares. – lovely stories and photographs; – I admire the courage it takes to share certain personal matters; – interesting challenges and really nice photographs; – he is not afraid to state his opinions; – in case you can’t understand introverts, this is the place that clarifies everything (I hope this nomination isn’t too much of a social bother 😉 ); – the stories are hilarious; – book reviews and not only (what will The  Literary Girlfriend do next?); – a great place for book reviews.

I think I should stop here, not because these are all the great people and blogs, but simply because this award winning diva is starting to feel how exhausting her week has been. Have a nice weekend, all of you out there!

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