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Update – May 30th 2015

I need to take a moment to thank yet another wonderful blogger for nominating me for the Liebster Award. Thank you, Laura! Stop by and take a look at what she has to share with the world!

Liebster Award Update – April 22nd

I have to add another thank you note, as I just got nominated for the Liebster Award again. Thank you, , I appreciate it and I wish I had the time to write a separate post on this occasion! She and her beautiful blog have just won the award and they certainly deserve it, so pay her a visit! 🙂

The Easter Bunny has arrived early this year and he has left me two amazing surprises amongst all those beautifully coloured eggs: two nominations for two lovely awards! As any busy do-gooder, the Easter Bunny has trusty helpers and I would like to thank them for delivering these surprising gifts to me – in a chronological order, no favouritisms 🙂

The first pleasant surprise of the day was the Liebster Award and I would like to thank petermoulding for nominating me.

Now… there are a few rules that need taken into account when receiving such a nomination:

I. Thank the blogger who gives it.

II. Answer 11 questions he / she asks.

III. Nominate 11 more bloggers for the award.

IV. Ask these 11 bloggers 11 questions.

V. Let the bloggers know that you have nominated them.

I. The first one – thanking the person who nominated you – is common sense, as far as I’m concerned. Once more, thank you for your appreciation! It’s always a delight to stop by and browse through all the wonderful photos and more!

II. Here are my answers to the 11 questions I’ve been asked:

1. What was the inspiration behind your blog title?

I can’t say I have such an inspired, original blog title. I wanted to keep it simple, because I started this blog as a personal challenge. What was meant to be a brief presentation of a book has evolved into something else…

2. What is your favourite book and why?

It’s not easy to choose just one book, but if I must… Franz Kafka’s The Castle has always had a special place in my heart. Kafka is a good refuge whenever the daily nonsense of life becomes too hard to bear.

3. Name the happiest moment of your life so far…

Well… that’s not an easy one, is it? I would probably have to say it was that fresh start I managed to offer myself years and years ago. I know, it’s a bit cryptic, but the question is too personal for my taste J

4. How many times have you watched your favourite movie, and what is it?

Too many times to remember. Gone with the Wind has always been my feel-good movie.

5. If you had a choice to be in a different city tomorrow, what city would it be?

Another tough choice, but I think Paris would be my answer… at least for now.

6. A day trip to a big bustling city or a walk in the countryside?

It depends on my mood. Today… it would be the city.

7. Do you have any influences, who or what are they?

There are a couple of persons I know too well and I can say I loathe, so I strive to be nothing like them.

8. If you could travel back in time, where would you want to be?

I’d like to give those roaring twenties a try, see if they’re worthy of the legendary tales they inspired.

9. Pictures taken from an old camera or a modern digital camera?

I’m not fussy about this matter; pictures are mainly memories to me, I generally like them for what they mean to me and not for their quality, so whatever sort of camera I have access to is just fine.

10. Why travel?

Why not? There’s no better way to experience and discover different cultures and people. It makes me feel alive and it’s an opportunity to constantly learn new things, both about myself and others.

11. How long did it take for you to write up this post?

I didn’t really time it, it wasn’t one fluent effort; I guess it adds up to about half an hour or so.


III. Here are my 11 nominees:













IV. 11 questions for you (I’ll try not to be too intrusive):

1. What three places describe you best?

2. There must be an author or book close to your heart; would you like to share this information with us?

3. What is you dream destination, that mysterious place you always wanted to visit?

4. Where did you spend the nicest vacation?

5. What historical period would be best suited for your personality?

6. Do you identify yourself with any artist(s), and if so, with whom?

7. What nice memory from your childhood would you like to share with us?

8. What’s the greatest satisfaction you derive from blogging?

9. What are three of the most important principles you try to observe in life?

10. Do you like to plan everything or are you a spontaneous person?

11. What do you prefer: a good book or a good movie?

I’m looking forward to reading your answers and finding out what other bloggers you nominate for this award!

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