Room (Weekly Photo Challenge)

In this week’s photo challenge, share your take on the idea of room — it could be an actual room in your house, a favorite gallery in your local museum, a cubicle at work.

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I found the Cistern in Istanbul to be a very intriguing type of room. Visiting it a few years ago was certainly interesting 🙂


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      1. Did you know one of the James Bond movies was filmed there? A motorboat scene. I did not know this but my husband is a big Bond fan. Can you imagine a boat driving in there ?!


        1. Yes, I had read about that just before visiting it, but I still have some trouble picturing it. But I must say I was pleased to recognize the place when reading Dan Brown’s Inferno even before the name was revealed 🙂


          1. I have not read the book but I think my husband has. I will have to ask him about that! As far as the boat my guess is there were some camera tricks involved. 🙂


            1. I’m sure there were, I can’t imagine it any other way 🙂 Don’t ask for too many details if you’re planning on eventually reading the book though, the Cistern plays a relevant part in solving the mystery 😉


  1. this room is fascinating and a cistern is not something we see everyday – so I appreciated the rich history feel with all the cool angles – and I like the darker light you left in some of the pics – adds to the natural feel of what it was probably really like…. so nice.


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