Adventure (Weekly Photo Challenge)

This week, share a photo that says “adventure.”

Ever since I was a child, I was particularly fond of heights. In fact, having the chance to take in the scenery from the top of a tall building or floating in the clouds has always been a treat for me. This is why I really need to focus on trying to be understanding when it comes to a good friend of mine who cringes at the mere sight of such photos. For him, travelling by plane or even a ride in a cable car are life-threatening adventures. But I still think everything looks nicer seen from above 🙂 .

17 Replies to “Adventure (Weekly Photo Challenge)”

    1. The view was really amazing from that tower. And it offered the possibility of bungee jumping too, but people weren’t exactly queuing up for that. I think everybody was waiting to see others try it – and survive 🙂


      1. Of course. Nobody’s gonna do it unless someone else does it first ! lol
        I would love to do bungee jumping one day if I ever get the chance…and paragliding too ! 😀


        1. I must admit, I did consider it that day, it seemed like such a thrilling challenge. But since I was wearing a dress, I had a very good excuse to chicken out… sorry, I meant to say, I had a perfectly acceptable reason not to do it 🙂 . But I will always wonder what I would have done, had the circumstances been different…


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