Seaside Blues (Daily Post Challenge)

Imagine we lived in a world that’s all of a sudden devoid of color, but where you’re given the option to have just one object keep its original hue. Which object (and which color) would that be?

A writer mentioned somewhere, sometime, how deeply touched he was by those mornings when the sea has no sky. So many ways to interpret such a thought…

Earlier this week I took advantage of what may very well have been the last beautiful days this autumn and I enjoyed the warm sun and light breeze while strolling on the beach. The sea regaled me with surprisingly bright shades of blue, especially for this time of year. Yes, I would miss those calming, reassuring seaside blues and the salty air if I ever had to move…

15 Replies to “Seaside Blues (Daily Post Challenge)”

  1. blue is probably my favourite colour as well…. enjoyed the slide show. didn’t enjoy the idea of having to choose which colour to keep, though. call me greedy, but given a choice – i want them all 😀


    1. That spoke to me too. I don’t know why, but I haven’t been able to get those words out of my mind lately, they keep coming back to me whenever I drive or walk by the sea these days…


  2. I’ve been grieving walking alongside the seaside blues, and also the turquoises of Jamaica. (My favorite vacation spot) Lovely photographs. Perfect choice for this Daily Post.


    1. Mmm… that does sound like a beautiful vacation spot 🙂 I didn’t have a chance to see it yet, but who knows, maybe one day… There is something about the sea which always makes you want to come back, isn’t there?…


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