For this week’s challenge, share with us your photos of twinkling light.

I am not ashamed to admit it – in spite of my age, decorating the Christmas tree fills me with a kind of childish joy and positivity which I hope to never lose 🙂 . While I am not a religious person (I apologize to those who might find this offensive, but I am who am and this is my personal choice), I treasure not only the symbolism and values behind this holiday, but also my own memories – both good and bad – and I refuse to give up all those little things that have become traditions over the years. There were difficult times in the past when I kept thinking that as long as I found it in me to decorate even a small, not too extravagant tree, I was still far from hitting rock-bottom. And not a year has gone by without a Christmas tree yet, which now serves as a good reminder to slow down, appreciate and enjoy what I have (even if I normally am an ambitious person who strives for better and more)…


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  1. Love the shine that you captured on your tree. Like you, I will always have a tree even on the years that my children cannot return home for the holiday. My mother lived to see 92 Christmases and she looked forward to the twinkling lights and her collection of Campbell Soup ornaments. No apologies needed because there are many of us out here who understand!! Love the array of ornaments and the way the various ways you were able to capture the glistening lights.


    1. Thank you, it was a good tree and a good Christmas; hopefully so was yours. It’s good to know I’m not alone 🙂 Your mother seems to have been a pretty special lady. Let’s just say that I often heard I was too old for a Christmas tree as a teenager and it was sheer stubbornness on my behalf that kept the tradition alive. As far as decorations go, I have a few that I keep holding on to ever since I was a child and others which just remind me of certain people and moments. What can I say, Christmas is a special time for me 🙂


  2. I loved your post. Especially when you said that Christmas tree is a good reminder to slow down and appreciate whet you have.
    Als0, I think we must continue to nourish the child within no matter what age we are.
    Enjoy your Christmas tree. Your photos are lovely! I am taking your tree vicariously as mine, Thank you. 🙂

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  3. Nice pictures. I love the lights of a Christmas tree and different ornaments. I bought some this year and I really love looking at the lights that people put up in their yards.


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