New year. New opportunities. New adventures. Let’s inspire one another — show us what’s new.

The new year started on a sunny note and one can never enjoy too many sunsets… or too many flowers about to bloom 🙂

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  1. I like what you’ve done with this blog! I hope to learn how do make something this exciting at Blogging 101…


    1. Hi Ana! Loved your photos and insights….am going to get your ebook! Thanks for checking me out too – my memoir will be available in about a week on Amazon in paperback and Kindle

      Carol Adams (Can You Hear Me? blogger….my book title is Deaf Daughter)….


      1. Thank you for your kind words, Carol. I just hope my book doesn’t prove to be disappointing if you decide to purchase it 🙂 The title of your memoir already has me intrigued, I’ll look into it as soon as I get the chance. Good luck and may it be as successful as you wish it to be!


    1. It was peaceful 🙂 and so nice to see people stopping their cars and taking a moment to watch the sunset quietly, many of them were probably still recovering after various New Year’s parties 😉

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