A Little Something Before Valentine’s Day…


I have a little something for all of you, just to say ‘thank you’ for reading and considering my thoughts. All I can give you right now is a book – I wish it could be more… Last year, just before Valentine’s Day, I created a coupon for everybody who wanted to read Parallel Lives and find out how Amalia’s (love) life would evolve. With the risk of seeming repetitive, I’m doing the same this year, I’m making it a tradition 🙂 So feel free to download the book as many times as you want or send the coupon as a cute gift to any of your friends!


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Expires: February 15, 2015


9 Replies to “A Little Something Before Valentine’s Day…”

  1. ana – what a sweet treat for this february holiday – awe ❤ ❤
    and I am truly looking forward to reading it – which will hopefully be before valentine's day – I will keep you posted – peace

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      1. Hi ana – I really enjoyed your book – and thanks again for sharing it like this – and while this is not normally the genre I read – your smooth writing was a pleasure to soak up on my trip to FL. I found that so many scenes you depicted were real and a few times Amalia reminded me of some girlfriends from back in the day. I like the social issues your address directly and indirectly – and you sure allowed us to feel the ebb and flow of complicated love relationships and there is a lot of wisdom directly shared, for example, “but the real culprit is most likely the selfishness that makes some people so detached and indifferent to others’ needs, once the body and the ego have obtained the sexual gratification…”
        well so many parts of this book can be used to teach about healthy relating – and the difference between solitude, loneliness, and togetherness for the wrong reason…
        Thanks again for the share and I will go and leave this review on smash as well.

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        1. You left me speechless, Yvette… and that does not happen too often 🙂 . I am so flattered, I couldn’t ask for a better review!

          Thank you for your wonderful words and for the time you allotted to reading mine!

          Thank you for seeing the essence of what I was trying to say, for perceiving the profundity of seemingly mundane situations!

          Thank you for proving – yet again – that people can be open-minded and receptive!

          I’m glad (and a little bit proud 🙂 ) my book kept you company during your Florida trip and I’m looking forward to everything else you might want to share with all of us regarding the beautiful places and wonderful people you’ve seen.

          I hope you’re having a beautiful week!

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          1. thanks ana – and my pleasure – also – I went to try and leave a review on smash, but it would not let me leave a comment without buying the book – so I need to find the email that I used for the download in Feb. I will try and do that later.

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