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Every once in a while I get reminded how many interesting, amazing people there are in this blogging world. Their stories are unique in their own way, yet how many times have we not found ourselves in a stranger’s words?… How many times have we not relived our own traumas and joys simply by reading somebody’s poem, by emerging ourselves in somebody else’s experience?… Words pour into our minds and souls – strangers’ words, not even our own – and they help our personal feelings, emotion and ideas crystalize. We may not always agree with certain opinions, we may often disapprove of certain choices and lifestyles, but the moment we learn to accept that all these people are as entitled to have a voice and share their individuality as we are, is the moment when we start growing. None of us can hear all the voices, nobody can read all the words, but trying to discover, understand, recognize and accept more of them is never a waste of time.

On this note, I would like to thank somebody I have recently discovered, for having nominated me for the Inspiring Blogger Award. Thank you, Sue Dreamwalker from 🙂 .  Your incursions in mythology is a nice reminder of all those school days when I used to read stories about ancient times, sometimes forgetting to separate history from myths.

It’s good to give back once in a while, so the second rule implied by receiving this award – nominating 10 other bloggers – is really no chore. I won’t pick favourites this time, I will simply refer to a few of the newer blogs I have started to follow. All of them bravely share bits and pieces of their lives and souls, be it in prose, verse, or photography. So let us all stop being critics for a moment or two and pay them a visit, trying to see them for what they are – individuals with a voice and a story (the same way we would perhaps like others to perceive us).

Let’s see… I have displayed the award on my blog, I have thanked and linked back to the person who has nominated me and I have, in my turn, nominated others and let them know about it. My job here is done. Oh, wait… I was also supposed to mention 7 facts about myself. Perhaps I could overlook this one… I have accomplished this task when receiving other awards, so I hope I’m covered 😉

Have a nice weekend, all of you!

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  1. I was amazed to read your post today — and surprised to see my poetry blog mentioned. You are very kind! I’ve just been doing this for a week….so do not have as many to “pay it forward to”…. So I will have to adjust in that way. I need to think about how I will respond…shall do that tomrrow. Thank you again — and I absolutely agree with the “power of the word”. It has been wonderful to give voice to my inner voice and to connect with others in this creative space.
    Again, thank you for your kindness.

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  2. I absolutely agree! I have found myself deep in another person’s words, entering their world with a mindset of seeking a way to place myself in their shoes. You are so right, “We are all individuals with a voice and story!”

    Thank you for sharing some of your newest connections with all of us. Words have always been powerful and it is very evident why you have received this award. Thanks for being an inspiring blogger and for showing just how great humans who have the heart to write and share their words with the world are.
    Congratulations on receiving The Inspiring Blogger Award! 🙂

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