A throwaway shot, or purposefully unfocused? This week, find beauty in a blur.

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Who says that blurry moments don’t make for nice memories?… πŸ™‚

16 Replies to “Blur”

  1. That is beautiful collection of photographs you’ve got there Ana. Lovely interpretations πŸ™‚
    And I like the new background of you blog. Hope you had a Happy Easter, full of love and joy ❀ πŸ™‚
    Have a splendid week ahead ❀

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  2. LOVE the Easter egg background of your blog right now. Can I ask you a question? I notice that you have buttons Rate This (I think it’s a widget?) but also Press This, Twitter, Facebook, Google as well as the standard Like. When I look at my site, I don’t see those buttons. Are they there when you look at my post? If not, do you know how I can add them? I’m so new to this — and although I’m loving doing poetry and doing the blog, it would be nice to get more views etc. I was also looking for a Pinterest button where people could pin one of my poems they like. Any help you could provide on this would be GREATLY appreciated! lillian

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    1. Hi! Let’s see if I can be of any help πŸ™‚ Here’s how I find it comfortable to personalize some of my blog’s features – click on ‘My Sites’ on the left hand side, on top, then click on ‘Users’ on the left. Now you’ve got a whole menu you can chose from and personalize to your heart’s desire πŸ™‚ go to ‘Feedback’, choose ‘Ratings’ and then ‘Rating Settings’ and you can set up your ‘Rate This’ buttons. From the initial ‘My Site’ you can also go to ‘View Site’ and see exactly how others see your blog. As for the ‘Share’ buttons (Google, Facebook, etc.) I never bothered removing them or personalizing them any further, because I don’t have accounts to go with any of them; so I can’t tell you too much about them, but you can look for ways to personalize them in that menu, I think ‘Sharing’ under ‘Settings’ might be a good place to start . I took a quick look at your site and you have them too, they show up after each post once you click on it. Good luck and Happy Easter πŸ™‚


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