What does “enveloped” mean to you?

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Nature enveloped in contemporary architecture, enveloped in nature, enveloped in the dusk… all of them enveloping us in a warm, yet unpredictable cocoon.


11 thoughts on “Enveloped

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  2. Where is this Ana? Really like this idea of architecture, modernity enveloping nature…really envelops people too. Love the symmetry of the photo too. A human-made cocoon! 🙂
    And….by the way, thanks so much for following my blog. Love to see your Likes over my morning coffee!

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    • It’s in Madrid. A human-made cocoon describes ot well 🙂
      No need to thank me for following your blog, i enjoy it. I’ve never been able to write poetry, but i do like it. And your photos are nicely chosen as well 🙂

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