Summer at My Feet

WordPress Photo Challenge: Go on, show the world beneath your feet.

Summer at my feet… I can’t say I want it to end! πŸ˜‰


26 thoughts on “Summer at My Feet

  1. I live in Hobe Sound, Florida, USA, three miles from the beach and less to the intra-coastal waterway. Summer means kayaking in a very calm ocean, playing golf in 90 degree heat with a nice breeze, and enjoying the peacefulness of off season. In season is loaded with “Snow Birds!” Isn’t it winter in Sydney?

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    • That doesn’t sound bad at all πŸ™‚
      You’re right, it’s winter over there, but it’s summer in my little corner of the world, in Europe. Given the extremely good weather this year, finding an empty patch of sand, especially at the weekend, has become a real challenge.


  2. Beautiful photos ands I could feel my feet wading through the water. Where about’s are you? I live just North of Sydney metres from the beach. I love it and walk my dogs along the beach most mornings. We are hopefully nearing the end of Winter here and have had a real cold snap lately so I am looking forwards to better weather. Best wishes, Rowena
    PS We have a huge storm a few months back and our sand dunes eroded and we currently have bulldozers on our beloved beach…ouch! It looks quite bizarre:
    xx Rowena

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    • I don’t live far from the beach either, However our beaches are swarming with holiday makers these days, as it’s high season over here; so walking is quite a challenge, even the more remote places are too crowded.
      I took a look at your post and I have to say, that’s a rather familiar image – some of our beaches are undergoing similar works. While I perfectly understand the long-term purpose of such actions, I can’t help thinking it all looks somewhat… unnatural… Hopefully that sensation is going to disappear once they finish.

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      • We are quite lucky with our beach. We really only get the huge crowds between Christmas and New Year. However, tourist numbers are increasing. I’m actually surprised more people haven’t discovered this area as we’re just North of Sydney but they seem to prefer the better known places, which actually don’t have as much infrastructure. Perhaps, these people are more concerned about “where” they are going rather than having the most enjoyable experience.

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        • It sounds like a beautiful place. Enjoy it while you can, before more and more discover it. Those who only care about what’s trendy when choosing a holiday destination are definitely not the most desirable tourists…


  3. Nice photos. I don’t believe any of us want summer end. I am on my last full day before storing boats and packing everything for the season and starting school in a week. Enjoying summer days while I can. Hope you can, too!

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