Quick Updates and a Quick Thank You

It’s about time I kept a promise made months ago… There’s finally a little corner on my blog dedicated strictly to thanking all of you who deemed me worthy of various awards. A separate category mentioning you and your beautiful blogs is my personal way of saying ‘Thank you’. I haven’t always responded promptly and I haven’t always found time to participate in further nominations or write the appropriate posts, but I have included everybody in this section and in the already published pieces. While I am deeply grateful to everybody who might have me in mind in the future, I think I should stop here with receiving further awards. I hope nobody feels offended, but I’m retiring from the award receiving business 🙂 .

Now… for a different kind of ‘Thank you’… You have no idea how much I appreciate all of you who took time to read my Parallel Lives sample fragments or download the book. All your comments and suggestions reinforced my confidence that writing the book was indeed a good idea. A selection of your opinions accompanied by links to your blogs will become part of the Parallel Lives page in the near future. As for the sample fragments, they end here, but I will dust off some of the old ones and repost them for the new comers. I apologize in advance to everybody who has already read them – please ignore them.

Last, but not least – for those who enjoyed MissShy’s adventures, there will be a few more of those stories in the hopefully not too distant future.

That being said, I have one final reminder… It’s summer, my friends, so find some time to be naughty and have fun, whatever that might mean to each and every one of you! There’s no time like the present, so enjoy it!


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