WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge – This week, share with us your monochromatic images.


It can feel like such an easy, desirable options sometimes – a monochrome life… One colour, no complications, no hidden meaning, no mystery. Yet, when we are presented with such a reality, we take it in, we may even enjoy it for a while – for as long as it takes to rest our weary eyes – but we eventually start craving something else. Any stain of a different colour becomes a desirable alternative – anything to disturb that dull monotony. We need more than shades, we need an entire colour scheme to stay our hunger for adventure and growth, the same way we need a vast array of feelings in order to feel alive.

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    1. I am fond of black and white photos too (especially the old ones), they somehow convey such a deep meaning… I’m not too fond of a black and white life though, in spite of how much easier everything might appear to be. I guess I just get bored easily, I need more…

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