Ornate, Creepy or Tacky?

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge:In your photo this week, share something unabashedly ornate — where it’s clear that the creators pulled no stops and went all out.


The things you get to see when you stop overthinking your own issues, look up and notice what you’re walking by… While ornate is definitely not my style, I do appreciate the beauty of nicely decorated buildings – in some cases. But this one left me speechless – am I the only one who finds it somewhat creepy? I had a similar sensation years ago, when I saw a building’s façade decorated with sculptures of baby heads…

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  1. Woah. “Hey, we have this huge leftover shipment of decorative stuff….maybe we should just put ALL of it on that building right there. [hot glues all the things on] …yeah, that looks weird enough. Done!”


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  2. It does seem creepy. I associate this type of sculpture with antiquity. The symmetry and repetitiveness turn what could have been an interesting architectural accent into something that reminds me of the fields of crosses from world wars I and II.

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