I am not a patient person. I can fake patience, I can control myself and I can talk myself into behaving in a patient manner (I am a reasonable individual… when  I choose to be), but this is a virtue I know I will never truly possess. Yet there are certain transition periods that we can hardly notice; it takes time and perspective in order to perceive their evolution and results.

All too often I don’t feel certain changes, all too often I feel the need of something radically different. But sometimes I get lucky, I get that fortunate moment of clarity – either by interacting with somebody I haven’t seen in a long time, or by looking at old pictures, or by simply watching the seasons change – and see the evolution, perceive all the differences, big and small, and accept transition for what it is, constant and inevitable. If I do have the right state of mind, I let it sink in. I congratulate myself on my progress or console myself for the losses. I dare to move on, even if I know I may never get where I want to be, because I would rather try and manipulate transition into following the path I choose, rather than let time and life pass me by.

But let’s be honest… Those are rare moments that I need to focus on noticing and enjoying, because, after all, I am not a patient person…

In response to WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge – For this week’s challenge, share an image that depicts transition. Let life itself be your muse.

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  1. Maybe transition does not require patience. As you say, it just happens when we are least aware of that. I like the way when you say you might even manipulate the transition to follow your path rather than let it take hold of you. Bravo!

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    1. We have to deal with so many things beyond our control, so we might as well do our best to influence the ones we can.
      Thank you for stopping by, I’m happy you enjoyed the post. 🙂

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  2. Nice take on “Transition.” You’re right….it does take patience to see, recognize and then flow with the transition. Perhaps it’s the frenetic pace of our lives that makes us want to move things along….instead of being patient. I enjoyed reading your thoughts on this! 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Lillian 🙂 I’m sure the fast pace is at least partly to be blamed for it… it has become such a relevant part of who we are these days… All too often we run out of time and we forget to properly prioritize.

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