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Is famine about to strike? I don’t think so, I would’ve heard something about it on the news. Are shopping centres about to meet their demise? Allow me to have my doubts about that one too. Oh… wait… that’s it, this is the last weekend before Christmas. And I had to go to the mall, didn’t I? No, no, no last minute Christmas shopping, I know better than that. I just wanted my shampoo, a certain shampoo that I can find only in a certain shop. I’m not delusional, I expected it to be crowded, that’s why I started with the most remote part of the parking lot, the one where you always find a spot, no matter how busy it is or how close the holidays may be. Well… not today… Is it me or is it getting worse each year?

Half an hour later, I’m still spinning in circles, trying to avoid crazed shoppers and furious drivers. Just as I’m wondering how bad it would actually be for my hair to use dishwashing liquid instead of shampoo until after Christmas, there it is – the holy grail, also known as a parking space. Once inside, everything is fine. I don’t mind crowded places, as long as the parking issue is solved and I always find the pre-Christmas hustle and bustle rather invigorating. I also find it fascinating to observe how fast and abruptly we switch from generosity and enthusiasm to anger infused consumerism. Christmas spirit becomes seasonal anger, frustration, selfishness and hateful, vengeful greed in the blink of an eye. Or is that what Christmas spirit is supposed to be these days? Who knows anymore?…

I was going to take a small break from Christmas today, hence the photo; I wasn’t planning on mentioning any personal tradition for the holidays, I’ve already done that on several occasions this month. All I was going to say is that there are eleven more months in the year, so if we don’t get to spend any or enough time with those dear to us in December, we can certainly make up for it on other occasions. We need to keep that in mind, in spite of all the pressure we all have to bear when it comes to spending the holidays in a certain way. But, like I said, I had the ill-conceived idea of going to the mall today – and we all know how that can be. So I am only going to say this: perhaps we should also remember that we can buy, buy, buy everything in sight during those other eleven months of the year; that way, we might be able to spend less time in December hating everybody who’s managed to buy more and faster than we have and actually enjoy the holidays. And if we absolutely must behave like animals uncivilized, uneducated creatures, we might want to remember that many of them (like the ones in the picture) are a lot more peaceful and mild-mannered than we can be around the holidays…

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  1. Really enjoyed your take on the gathering – and this is why we stopped traveling for xmas – exactly as u stated – if we want to see family we can the other months – and it has served us well!! But the right shampoo is no small matter and I can see why you tried to brave the crowd – and hey – made for a good post! I was out on Friday shopping and Ana – I actually got parking spots and quick check outs – felt super blessed – but in years past have been in the throes of the jungle – argh- like being in a checkout lane for 65 minutes – or like u noted – driving Aron’s for a darn spot to park – oh and u are also so right about the ugliness that surfaces – crazy –

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    1. I understand that perfectly – I gave up travelling during holidays over the past few years as well, and although my mother is anything but happy with my decision, I definitely don’t regret it. Airports during the holidays put my patience and my sanity to quite a test…
      You were certainly lucky on Friday, you must have been really good this year for the universe to arrange everything just so for your stocking stuffers’ shopping 🙂 (By the way, your wine glass photo was my favourite too, followed closely by the one of the tree in front of the window.)
      As for the right shampoo… finding it is as difficult for me as finding the right moisturizer, so it was certainly worth braving the crowd 🙂 The inspiration was an unexpected bonus.

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      1. Yes ma’am things were lined up for me that shopping day – and later I will try and come back and show you a photo I took at one store. quite a mess! Thanks for the feedback on the backlit post – 😃💕—and cheers to found the holidays with balance and smart decisions. ha!

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