Someone’s Birthday

It’s someone’s birthday today… a very special someone… No matter how pouty or grumpy he might get on this particular occasion, I know he actually likes it when people remember and acknowledge his birthday 🙂 . So, to the man who never tried to change me, to the man I never tried to change, to the man who appreciated me for my flaws, not in spite of them, to this unique man I now wish a Happy Birthday and that special brand of contentment he and I understand so well.

Happy Birthday!

13 Replies to “Someone’s Birthday”

  1. A December baby, how wonderful. I know what it’s like to have a birthday so close to Christmas and can recall many years when I was given presents for Christmas and told they were also for my birthday. It’s a bit like being given a present for your birthday in June and told it is also for Christmas. With that aside, blessing and congratulations on his special day.

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    1. Oh.. that’s such a disappointment for a child! I thought I had it bad, having to share my birthday and my cake with my cousin, until I was old enough to bluntly refuse that sort of celebration 🙂 . But at least we didn’t have to share the presents.
      Thank you for your kind wishes. Happy early / belayed birthday to you too, as the case may be!

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