Parallel Lives – Sample Fragment 16

“The idiot is in love with you.” He didn’t know whether to get angry at her or just laugh at that guy’s stupidity – something from the past was trying to claw its way to the surface, but he instinctively pushed it back deeper, the way he had always done.

“Let’s leave this cliché for another time. He’s just in need of finding himself a new mother figure, someone who would tell him what to do, would control his every action and would relinquish all his responsibility when things go badly; because, after all, it was only her fault, as she was the only one with a say in it, and he can just relax, enjoy the ride and bask in the amount of drama him being the victim of the soulless woman would offer.”

“I almost feel sorry for the poor guy. You don’t appreciate him at all, do you?”

“Of course I do, we’re actually friends, but anything more than that is subject to certain rules. I do care about the fact that he was there when I wanted him to be there and about the fact that he’s a nice guy, but on one hand that’s not enough for me, and on the other hand, I get the feeling that by ‘appreciation’ people tend to understand changing yourself in order to fit some idea of what would please another person. And the irony is, the one I am now is what he’s obsessing over, whereas the washed-out cloth I’d become by changing to please him would hold no interest whatsoever.”

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6 Replies to “Parallel Lives – Sample Fragment 16”

  1. Oops some errors sensibility to be aduaciously feminine sensateness gratfies the ego intellectually


  2. I like the intensity, the sensibility to be audaciously and its sensateness gratfies the ego intellectual. Yes I admire you as seeking the understanding of independece of libidinal body and also at an intellectual level as a woman of substance. Anand Bose from Kerala

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  3. Oh I do like this…..the idea that we change to please others is a truism for many. Sad I think…but true too often. The imagery of the “washed-out-cloth” is great!

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