I have a love-hate relationship with time… and hate often prevails. I look at my watch and even if I can count the hours, the minutes that go by, I still cannot tell time. I still cannot understand it. Life changing moments have always been just that – moments. Moments that descended upon me out of nowhere. Moments that echoed through my existence over the years. People came into my life and left, always the same way, abruptly, without any warning or foretelling signs.

I am a planner, yet rarely did any of my plans have an impact similar to those split second events that set and reset the course of one’s life. Time and I are not on friendly terms in such situation, even if the change is a positive one. But even when trying to plan everything, to predict the unpredictable, I still let those split seconds determine everything, because the truth is I do rely on my intuition when allowing a moment’s impulse to prompt a major decision. That’s when time and I make peace, because the dreaded split second is mine to control and do what I please with it – for better or worse, I know it was my own decision that subjected me to a variety of consequences, not an external, uncontrollable, unexpected momentary event.

I am sure of only one thing when it comes to time: the more it manages to put me down, the more desperately and stubbornly I will try to fight it. I will manage to find ‘me’ time, those wonderful interludes when I make time my own, rather than be its frantic slave. I will seek those places hiding atemporal beauty, thus making time redundant; and whenever I can, I will find refuge there. And I will always seek to find that ideal moisturizer as well, that one which makes time crawl on our skin a lot slower than the fiend would like to, leaving behind less visible marks.


Devouring Time, blunt thou the lion’s paws,
And make the earth devour her own sweet brood;
Pluck the keen teeth from the fierce tiger’s jaws,
And burn the long-lived phoenix in her blood;
Make glad and sorry seasons as thou fleet’st,
And do whate’er thou wilt, swift-footed time,
To the wide world and all her fading sweets;
But I forbid thee one most heinous crime:
O carve not with thy hours my love’s fair brow,
Nor draw no lines there with thine ántique pen.
Him in thy course untainted do allow
For beauty’s pattern to succeeding men.
  Yet do thy worst, old Time; despite thy wrong,
  My love shall in my verse ever live young.
William Shakespeare – Sonnet 19

In response to WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge Time – This week, think about time and portray it photographically.


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  1. Such a layered post that I still process – like the emblem in the role photo has two parts which fit the duality in your words – and then the water matched the fight feel smoothly! And cute tidbit (and fitting) about the time seen on our skin- side note – would you believe that I stopped buying moisturizer?! Once I started eating more good oils and EFAs – I needed it way less – I went from a bottle each year to now only using a few things on occasion (like coconut oil) – oh and it was a teaspoon of cod liver oil that really have me the huge change I initially – but so grateful I found what my body lacked At that time – and I know you know a lot about nutrition and all – but to tie into your theme on time – it seems sometimes it does vary as to what we need – and with that said – I think I will go and read that Shakespeare piece again – Xxoo

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    1. You’re a braver woman than I’ll ever be 🙂 I don’t think I could give up my moisturizer, but I also am very attached to my homemade, all-natural masks and facial treatments. Some of them have proven invaluable and I’m not giving them up for any expensive skincare product, not matter what it might promise to do. As for nutrition… let’s just say I’ve become a lot more careful about it shortly before turning thirty, when I had to stop and admit I couldn’t expect my system to function as it used to in my early twenties… I had to start helping it if I wanted to preserve my youth for as long as possible and to adapt to current needs.


      1. Well I think my comment came out wrong! Lol! I need to add that I had such little oil in my diet that my skin was so depleted and so I “had” to moisturizer from the inside out! And while I still love and need and use moisturizers (like coconut oil) I was just shocked at how I did not need to use it thrice a day once I ate good oils and lots of them – oh Ana – I used to think fat free was ideal! Anyhow – maybe sometime you can share some of your all natural masks and treatments in a post- ❤️❤️💜💕

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        1. I’ve never been through the fat free phase, probably because I never exaggerated in that department. But what I have indeed noticed is that my skin will immediately mirror the lack of proper hydration. It’s amazing how much damage not drinking enough water can do. I’m glad you reminded me about the coconut oil, somehow I’ve never gotten around to trying it, although I’ve heard lots of good things about it. I’ve been meaning to get it, yet I always forget, so thanks for the reminder 🙂 . Have a nice weekend and happy Valentine’s Day ❤

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          1. Well would you believe I had seasons of drinking too much water – seriously – but such a layered topic for another time – ha! But I think part of my former thirst and constant water chugging was also related to what I needed to cleanse and add more oils and nutrition to fortify with – if that makes sense? And rich oils and salt are also part of hydration –
            But most folks do not get enough hydration and on of my top ten quotes from the early 1990s was from this lady named Kim Alexis – she said many times folk are thirsty- but think they are hungry! Hm – but the biggest lesson for me was that we are “what we absorb” and so another reason why the days of chugging too much water was not ideal was because I was flushing out stuff (toxins too – so woo hoo) but also nutrients because I had malabsorption and did not know it – o sorry to ramble – but let’s just say I am at “time” in my life that I am very grateful for health wise – I was always a healthy eater and never obese (praise God for that) but did not know how to clean my Digestive track properly until a few years ago and it was a desire of my heart- so woo hoo –

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            1. I never had weight related issues and I think that occasionally makes it more difficult to focus on the importance of nutrition. Not worrying about putting on weight can make us forget that what we eat and drink influences us on a much deeper level. We are what we absorb – that’s so true and we need to keep that in mind. I’m glad you managed to find that healthy balance your body was craving for 🙂 ❤


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