Fake Seasons

4The plane took off, leaving behind a land still somewhat sleepy under the very warm spring morning’s sunlight. A few hours later, a frozen, 300 C colder, snow covered town was welcoming us as we were landing. Just looking at the white immensity we were approaching was giving me cold shivers. A couple of hours later, I was driving down my street, on what seemed very much like a rainy, murky autumn evening. Great! Three seasons in the one January day… two of them in the same country, no less… I really didn’t want to be home. On top of everything, I barely got to stop the car before noticing a murder of crows had taken residence in the tree above my parking space while I had been away. They did mind their manners, I must admit – they did allow me to walk away with my luggage before turning my car into a very popular, highly sought after bird toilet. Somehow, that felt fitting – nothing discrete or symbolic about it, my car looked the way I felt. No, I was not too pleased to be back.

3A couple of weeks later, I got my wish, I was flying back… and then I was flying back home again. And yet again, winter was playing tricks on me, oscillating between autumn and spring. And yet again, I must say, fitting! The season’s instability suits my current mood, it suits more aspects of my life then I would like it to. But the truth is, I just want spring… real spring, not this winter in spring’s clothing situation we’ve got going on right now.

5Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining about the 20 something degrees and sunny weather (although -200 C would be a lot less shocking this time of year). I fully enjoyed the splendid weather welcoming me home this time, but there is something sad about it too, it feels fake. You can still see winter’s sharp teeth through the sunrays shining over still barren trees; you can just feel it won’t be long before winter shows its true nature again. It’s become a fickle season, by the looks of it – is winter attempting a makeover, a rebranding even? Is it perhaps multitasking, trying to offer us as many meteorological experiences as possible over a few months? Have there been too many complaints, so the season’s PR department is trying to shed a new light and warmth on winter?


It might not be just winter… the more I think of it, the more obvious it becomes the other seasons seem to follow this trend. Have we perhaps reached the point where we managed to push a season into changing so it would reflect our contemporary lifestyle – fast, unreliable, out of control, jumping from one extreme to another, utterly insane? Well… it looks like even seasons need to wear masks these days… 😉

In response to WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Seasons – Share an image evocative of the weather or represent the current “season of your life” in metaphor.

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  1. You write well and entertaining about this problem. And I also think it worries many people, the swift changes and the unpredictability of it. Animals have a hard time dealing with this, and I believe some species might not survive. Migrating birds have difficulties here in the north. They come all too soon, and when winter decides to show its true face – they die. I have found snakes in the forest, dead on the ground. They should have been hibernating or hiding for a month or two more, but the warm sun woke them up.

    What frightens me is that species like polar bears will lose their whole possibility of existence. I have friends going on expeditions up north every year to study them, and they confirm that there are less bears, but also those left are not fat enough to survive. In other words, they are starving. Which makes them roam into villages, which makes people shoot them, which makes…

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    1. Yes, more and more often we hear about bears coming out of hibernation all too soon or not hibernating at all, wondering out of the woods to the nearest villages or towns in search of food. It’s also become rather common to have at least a few swans deciding not to migrate for the winter. People feed them and try to take care of them, but they do have a hard a time when it gets really cold, especially if the lake they’re on starts freezing. Let’s be honest, it’s difficult for us to adjust and deal with all these sudden changes of temperature… we can only imagine what it must be like for them.


    1. I’m glad you like it 🙂 . It’s just a new header with another background colour, the theme is still the same. I needed something cheerful while waiting for spring to arrive and settle in 😉


  2. The problem with swiftly switching seasons is which coat to wear and what sweater underneath. What happens is I end up in the same coat I wear in the fifties as I would in the thirties, so people look at me like I’m nuts or maybe homeless.

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    1. That’s always an issue, a lose-lose situation, really. There was a guy wearing shorts on this particular flight – I bet he wasn’t happy when he got out of the airport, in the cold wind and snow… 🙂


      1. Years ago, this wasn’t really a problem. Toward the end of October or maybe the middle, the weather turned cold and stayed that way. I wish global warming had no effect at all on wildlife so we could just enjoy Novembers like the one we just had.

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        1. I know what you mean, seasons used to be quite well defined ’till not that long ago. I tried a funny spin, but the truth is, what’s going on is quiet sad and troubling.


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