Read an EBook Week

Read an EBook Week, Smashwords’ spring sale is about to begin! For one week only, thousands of Smashwords authors and publishers will provide readers deep discounts on ebooks, with coupon code levels for 25%-off, 50%-off, 75%-off and FREE. Each year, the promotion becomes bigger and bigger as more authors participate.

At one minute past midnight Pacific time on Sunday March 6, the special Read an EBook Week 2016 promotion catalog goes live on the Smashwords home page.  Readers can browse the catalog and search by coupon code levels and categories.  At the stroke of midnight Pacific time on March 13, the catalog disappears, so make the best of it! You’ve got nothing to lose and it’s a great opportunity to discover and support new writers. After all, there is no limit to the number of books you can download 🙂 .

Use the following link to download Parallel Lives for free during the ‘Read an EBook Week’:

See what else you can find, there are so many books waiting to be discovered:

Feel free to share the news with anyone who might be interested in increasing their eBook collection 🙂 .

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    1. I haven’t used Createspace to publish anything yet, so I can’t properly compare them. I did, however, look into it and decided Smashwords suited my needs better. The printed version was what I was curious about from what Createspace had to offer, but an estimate calculation revealed the book would end up costing more than I wanted to charge for it. I might revisit the idea in the future, but I’m fine with Smashwords for now. How about you, do you have any experience with Createspace?


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