Parallel Lives – Sample Fragment 26

“What does your wife have to say about this? Where exactly does she think you are?”

Certain questions make a man feel as though he is interrogated and Robert was amongst those not used to accounting for their actions; vague information about where he would go and with whom usually sufficed when he left home.

“Where does your boyfriend think you are right now?”

“Which one of them?” Amalia was not going to give up. “I have no boyfriend, I have no husband, so there’s nobody who needs to know such things. Can you say the same?”

“She thinks I am exactly where I am, out for a night in a club with my friends. She would never join us anyway, it’s not exactly her scene, they have no fully equipped kitchen here,” he laughed at his little joke.

“You’re just being mean now.” It was true, even if it was just a joke; but the truth of the matter was that nobody at that table cared too much about what the wives left at home had to say about their behavior.

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  1. Oh my……..Just getting back to my reading after being away for two months with inconsistent internet connections. Had all I could do to post and reply there — so nice to be home albeit after doing oodles of laundry, sorting through 2 months mail (so much junk mail!), restocking the fridge and cupboards. I think I would prefer a marriage where the wives (and husbands) do care! 🙂

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    1. Welcome back 🙂 . I know all too well how exhausting it is to come back home after a long trip away; that thought alone is often enough to make me wish I could postpone my return. After the initial withdrawal symptoms, I find a bad internet connection to be a blessing in disguise many times when I’m away. I get a chance to focus and see a lot more of that new place and all its wanders. If we have somebody special to share such experiences with, then we’re really lucky, I think… Just like you, I live with this crazy belief that people involved in a relationship should actually care about their partner’s needs 😉 . Unfortunately, I see more and more couples in which separate interests become separate lives…

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