Parallel Lives – Sample Fragment 27

One of the things to value most about the town that Amalia had moved to a few years ago would be its honesty – nothing going on there is different from the normal life of any other big town in the country. Its people aren’t by far any worse than those in other places, although some of them might be richer, but they lead their lives acknowledging who they are and what they do at a far higher level than anywhere else in the country. The men lead double lives, so do most of the women, and although some social appearances are respected, everything else goes on in plain sight, out in the open, with no need for denial or pretence for their own benefit. Robert and his friends were by far an example of it, all of them successful and proud, some of them well-educated, others perhaps lacking in culture, but all of them married, with a nice family at home and a multitude of parallel lives aside from it. The paradox a myriad of existences creates is a simple one – honesty and deception coexist in twisted harmony, sometimes on different planes, other times even within the same context. People lie, cheat and steal, they are selfish in their own despair and fear, but they admit it and accept themselves and each other for what they are, they find no reason to be ashamed and they walk proudly, acutely aware of their superiority. The mentality of “honest” lies is what makes the town and its people true to themselves, or at least more so than in most of the other places, an enclave where depravation and sin are revered instead on being swept away under the mat, under the mask of religious social propriety.

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  1. Ana, I also checked on Amazon to see if I could download your book as I have a Kindle. Unless you have reservations about putting your book on Amazon it’s really not difficult to put it on there and it will give your book extra exposure. Plus, it doesn’t cost anything for you to do it. But I’ll still have a look on Smashwords to see if I can download your book on Kindle.

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    1. I hope Smashwords wasn’t too much trouble 🙂 . You can also find Kindle-friendly versions on Barnes & Noble and Kobo. I have nothing against Amazon, they just want a few more tax details than Smashwords, given my country of residence. And… I’ve also been lazy 🙂 … I keep saying I would do one more spell check and upload a newer version, this time on Amazon as well. Who knows, it might not be the only thing I upload, once I get around to it (hopefully).

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    1. I’m really pleased you enjoyed it 🙂 It’s not on Amazon (sorry about that), but in case you’re interested, you can find links to some of the other e-book stores on the right-hand side of the blog. You can use any of them in order to read the sample pages even if you don’t have an account with them.


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