Dinner and Drinks


I like to be spoiled once in a while… who doesn’t? It takes a lot to spoil a woman, many tend to believe… yet so many times it actually takes so little. When his idea of a long walk is going all the way from the door to that uncomfortable spot at the far end of the parking lot, but he suggests an afternoon walk in my favourite park, I know he’s only doing it for me. We walk a lot because I like it and I know he doesn’t mind it too badly if I’m there with him. Hours later we can collapse on comfy chairs on a terrace and spend some quality time with delicious cold drinks. That’s for both of us, just like all our late dinners.


Food is one of the many joys of travelling and discovering local restaurants can be a small adventure in itself. From infuriating to enlightening, from disastrous to delicious, it’s rarely what you’d expect it to be, that much I’ve learnt. But after a long day of walking up and down a place you don’t know too well, after taking in as much as you can – museums, shops, shows – nice, cold drinks are just what a girl needs.


Yes, small things can make a great difference, when you get the feeling someone has been listening and paying attention. What we tend to forget is that we can and need to be that ‘someone’ for ourselves and for the special persons in our life.


We can treat ourselves to something delicious, even if that might be something as insignificant as homemade bread. As for the walk in the park… hmm… that might entail having to put up with another James Bond movie in return… Oh well, the things a girl will do for a man who spoils her 🙂 …


In response to WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge – Dinnertime.

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  1. Enjoyed this take on the theme- the second photo- what is that in the bowl? Both drink photos have different moods – the opening one (of tea?) has that universal appeal on a patio and nice weather – the other drinks – with the diverse glasses almost had the masculine-feminine duality you weave into the text (walks-movie) – now I want lunch!!

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    1. The dish was a kind of paella and although it wasn’t too easy to eat, it was certainly worth the effort, because it was delicious. As for the drinks in the first photo, that was sangria ( we’ll call it grownup tea 😉 ).

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  2. Nice post! It really is the little things that count, “spoiling” someone simply by doing something that you know they will really appreciate. Those are the little ways we show our love!

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