3The beautiful thing about the abstract is that it leaves room for interpretation.

2“I wanted to use drawing and painting – since after all they were my weapons – to probe deeper and deeper, and to understand the world and people so as to make this knowledge freely available to all of us every day… Yes, I realize I fought like a real revolutionary with my painting.”

Pablo Picasso

3In response to WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge – Abstract.

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  1. excellent take on the theme – and the opening photo had me thinking a piece of a brochure – the bend in it and I was wondering if it was a tablecloth and it was fun to see the building – cool to scroll down and see the line was the brick – also – the quote was nicely paired – and the scale of this building is felt with the photo you give with people – = โค

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    1. The tablecloth idea didn’t cross my mind, I like that interpretation ๐Ÿ™‚ I was clearly not the only one intrigued by that building, so many people stopped to look and take pictures, that’s why I thought I just had to include the ‘bigger picture’ as well ๐Ÿ˜‰ .

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  2. Abstraction is always interesting because there are endless possibilities and interpretations based on one ‘s experiences. Particularly when looking at a small segment without its surrounding context. This reminds me a little of the effect of macro photography without context. It is a great shot!!!

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    1. Thank you! Taking a piece and analyse how it might function or what it might mean outside the usual context in which it’s normally found is always an interesting experience.

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