Jubilation in Small Pleasures

2The jasmine plant outside my window is trying to shake off heavy raindrops and my mind goes back to other jasmine imbued evenings and early summer storms. I open my windows widely because I want to breathe in the fresh air, the scent of rain and jasmine… because I want to feel the way I used to feel back then… because I wish I still liked the rain.

It was our thing, running in the rain, making a mess of ourselves and not caring about it… just laughing and running and screaming and letting go of all responsibility, fears and worries that made us so different from other adolescents. We never ran for shelter when summer storms were upon us, thunder and lightning made us feel free and invincible. If we weren’t already outside, together, leaning on each other when the rain started, then we knew we would inevitably meet in the nearest park. Everybody was running away… we were running towards… towards each other, towards the storms.

I wore high heels back then as well, I carefully did my hair and chose my outfits, but somehow it really didn’t matter what became of all those efforts. My hair was dripping wet, clothes were uncomfortably sticking to my body, rain water made my feet slip in my shoes or sandals, but none of that mattered. Torrential rain washed away all those thoughts and experiences burdening us, and although I didn’t know it back then, my friends and I were acting our age for a moment or two. That sort of underrated jubilation forges bonds able to resist time. I know that because even now I can still laugh and reminisce with one of those friends who used to run and laugh in the rain with me.

It takes something else to get that sort of happy squeal escape our lungs these days. It takes conquering new territories, discovering new places. It takes complex pleasures to trigger reactions, because we’re no longer able to allow the simple ones get to us – that would mean settling for too little, wouldn’t it?

Torrential rain means something else today. It’s getting annoyed about what it might do to my hair, to my leather jacket or to my silk dress, it’s running to my car, avoiding the puddles that might damage my cherished shoes. It’s worrying about all the dirt in the raindrops and doing my best to avoid them touching my skin. I suppose this is simply acting my age today.

But the scent of all those delicate jasmine flowers drags me to another time, to a different universe. Perhaps we’ll find the strength and courage to run out into the storm again, loving it rather than fearing it… After all, haven’t we found the strength to accomplish much more difficult tasks, to survive much more challenging situations? If I can still find reasons for jubilation in the innocent surprise of unexpected flowers, couldn’t I at least learn to tolerate the rain again?


In response to WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge – Jubilant.


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  1. Lovely imagery. I grew up on the East Coast where rain was not a welcome event. Now we live in the high desert and my children love the smell of rain and delight in dancing in the rain. Funny how location can affect perspective. Thanks for visiting my blog and providing me with the opportunity to discover yours.

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    1. It was my pleasure 🙂 . Thank you for returning the visit. I guess we do take certain small things for granted, we even become annoyed by their repetition; yet we start missing them once we’re no longer able to have them in our lives. Anyway, rain can be a fun experience for children, I’m glad yours get the chance to enjoy it once in a while.


  2. Thank you for this delightful read! When I lived in Brooklyn I was in Prospect Park every day, and the heavier the rain, the more I enjoyed it. I wasn’t wearing anything that can’t get wet (I don’t a garment like that), so nothing diluted the pleasure. If you remembered how it felt, you can experience it again (casual clothes), and you should have the feeling again.

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    1. That’s right, the heavier the rain, the more fun it was – a really nice feeling of exhilaration. Casual clothes are the solution, although that does require a bit of planning ahead.


  3. It’s great that she has more time to enjoy the flowers and other things in life without all the worry she use to have. Time always has a way of changing us and making us more alert to the simple and less complicated things in life. Wonderful story.

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