Who can claim to have never felt the backlash of misconstrued, subjective, narrow-minded ideas about what “purity” should entail? I shy away from stating that something/somebody is either “pure” or not.. We no longer live in a time when we can pretend not to know better, black or white are not the only options available to us when it comes to perceiving everything going on around. After all, we thoroughly enjoy nuances and we do expect others to notice them in us…. If we can find and appreciate beauty in the most unexpected and horrid of contexts, why couldn’t something pure occasionally reside in people, places and situations appearing less than pristine?


In response to WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge – Pure.

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    1. As you can see, I didn’t get around to writing the initial version of this post (the truth is, I didn’t really feel like it anymore, maybe some other time). But I kept the flower 😉 .

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    1. Beauty discovered in arid, unfriendly territories or in painful experiences is of a special kind… worthier of appreciation. It also takes more patience and depth to discover it.


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