Retro Gifts, New Memories


A particular birthday present from a family friend really captured the essence of those moments… Not that it was expensive or out of the ordinary (it would certainly present no particular interest to today’s twelve year olds), not that it came from a person I so greatly admired at the time, what really mattered was the symbolism of the situation.

I had already decided that I was old enough to choose how I’d spend the big day – you’re practically a grownup when you’re twelve, aren’t you? – and not go along with the family’s dull ideas about the ideal celebration. Not surprisingly, the adults had a different take on the matter. They informed me that I was either having the party they had planned with the guests of their choice or no party at all… Naturally, I chose to be equally stubborn – if the adults were going to be unreasonable and childish about it, then I could be stubborn – and have no party. Not much of a sacrifice, considering that in our circle, kids’ birthday parties were more of an opportunity for the adults to show off and network than a chance for the young ones to enjoy themselves.

Shortly before that controversial birthday, this person I admiring from many points of view paid me a surprise visit, in order to bring a little token of her affection, a reminder that a special day is more than a good party. In her early twenties, beautiful and smart, about to graduate from a prestigious university, engaged to what I used to think should be the man of any woman’s dreams, she was my best friend, the big sister I never had. Her life was far from perfect and anything but easy, I would later find out, but that was not the reality of those days.

The nicely wrapped box contained her old photo camera, a couple of black and white film rolls and a brand new photo album. To my not so little little friend, so that she could make memories of her own, she said… I didn’t need to explain, she understood what I was going through; she always understood and she always knew the right thing to do. The days of mobile phones and digital cameras being as ubiquitous in a kid’s life as bubble gum weren’t there yet, but some of my friends were already allowed to occasionally use their parents’ photo cameras. Of course I wanted one of my own, but much to my chagrin, I was not considered old enough to be trusted with such technology…

When I saw the used, old fashioned, simplistic camera that was all of the sudden mine, I knew things were finally looking up. Memories of my own, I repeated, fiddling with the new toy. It had been a gift from her father, she was about my age when she had received it, and now it was my turn, I was the closest thing she had to a younger sister.  We wondered about all afternoon and she taught me how to use it, how to adjust all the settings and how to make the tricky machinery behave and capture all those memories for me. She was passionate about photography and she had a gift for it, but that cannot be taught, unfortunately…

I used the second roll of film on my actual birthday, for my non-party. My school friends and I decided it was a shame to waste such a beautiful day – my birthday, of all days – and time would be much better spent in a park, so we skipped school for the first time. A birthday I would spend as I pleased, starting to make memories of my own, growing up and independent from my family – she had gotten it right yet again – and the old camera played such a significant part in it, as the day turned out to be perfect in its simplicity.

The days when an old camera meant freedom and all the desired happiness and independence are gone; the kids running around the park that autumn day grew up and failed to stay in touch. The adults never found out about our little escapade; I used my savings to get the films developed and all my friends got copies of the photos. But those black and white pictures are still around, testimonies of days that sometimes may seem unreal.

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  1. Enjoyed this memory as shared – 😉 and read the comment about waiting for film – and I recall when doubles were free – woo hoo – that was fun!
    Anyhow – what a special gift and that b-day escapade sounds fun!

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    1. It was always fun when they had some special offer like a free roll of film or a discount, especially since developing photos was not cheap for an average kid’s budget 😉
      That escapade was a fun treat for all of us, I still have the pics – some of the worst I’ve ever taken, yet it’s great fun to look at them.

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        1. Many things were left behind when I moved away for university and recovering them was never an option, but these are among the pictures that made it with me, so yes, I think it’s pretty cool too 🙂 .

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          1. I have a few “datebooks” – which were those cheap little purse size calendars and I wrote in them like a mini journal – and somehow they managed to stay with me too – super glad – and some strawberry erasers from sixth grade – ha – lol

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              1. Well we are on a road trip and I kept reading them to folks in the car and folks were saying “stoppppp” for the cheese factor –
                But smiles all around – and such a good long list of these –
                So thanks again

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              2. Oh sorry – this is what I get for replying from the highway – that comment was supposed to go to smorgasbord – I will send you the link because u have to read the fun (cheesy) list – k?


  2. Wonderful! Ana Thank you for sharing this story. I prayed for a camera for my birthday when I was younger. But ended up saving up and buying one for my mum, she hadn’t got one of her own at the time. Thus our love affair with photography began. I did save for my own one eventually and like you, spent almost all my pocket money getting the films developed.

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    1. There was something so exciting about waiting for the films to be developed, the anticipation before finally getting to see the photos was half the fun 🙂 . That was a really nice gesture, getting the camera for your mom. I remember how grown it felt to save up and buy something significant for a dear one.

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      1. Yes I agree, the walk to the photo shop, or excitedly checking the post to see if a large fat envelope of prints had arrived and all sitting around together to look at the results. Ahh, Memories. Thank you for the reminder.

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