Parallel Lives – Sample Fragment 38

Some women can instinctively figure out what a man needs and wants from all points of view and she was one of those that didn’t have to make any particular effort to do so. She knew it and she appreciated the value of such an ability, but one has to wonder if that was always enough, if that kind of a skill would always work to her advantage, the way she wanted it. She feared the potential lack of experience; she had the chance to practice her skills on other men, but competitive people who need to be the best at everything have to confront their fear of failure even when it comes to such a trivial matter as sex. Especially since sex was not at all trivial for Amalia, it was a very relevant part of her development and mentality… Robert represented a transformation, the ascension to something more than she had already been introduced to so far, and she wanted to waste nothing of that experience, not even the pleasure of overanalysing it in anticipation and emotion.

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  1. Really enjoyed the excerpts. I’m not sure why it wouldn’t let me rate it, but you get some stars from :). The way you contrast things so profoundly, yet soft and yielding should be commended.


    1. Thank you for the stars :-). I don’t know why it wouldn’t let you rate it, but it’s the thought that counts the most anyway. I’m so glad you liked the contrasts, I hope you also enjoy the fragments to follow :-).

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