Partners… Or Not

2Those who come to the beach on their own often tend to search for a partner… someone with whom to share a brief, torrid, summer fling… or maybe someone who simply enjoys the same kind of beach fun they do. Either way, it’s always amusing to observe their group dynamics 🙂



But here’s a cute reminder that we do have the strength to get over all those bumps on the road on our own as well. Not having someone to lean on at all times doesn’t make it impossible. Some may have the certainty there’s always somebody ready to catch them, yet so many face the hardest challenges on their own… and that’s not always a disaster.


In response to WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge – Partners.

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  1. well said – about not always being a disaster to face challenges solo – we were just talking about this with my mother-n-law – who just remarried after being divorced in 1999. She was single a long while and it is better to be alone than with the wrong one…. whew – 🙂

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    1. I completely agree, it’s a lot worse to be with the wrong person than it is to be single. I’ve seen so many women settle for terrible relationships or putting up with abusive partners only because they “have to” or are afraid of being alone and it’s so sad… especially when children are caught in the middle of all that as well.
      Anyway, on a happier note, I hope you had fun at the wedding 🙂 . Have a beautiful July!

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      1. Hi Ana – the wedding was fun – still digging out and a bit of cold made a wave through our group – my son – his gf – my hubs and finally me – not too bad – chest gunk – so that sucks – but just now cleaning up some photos and all that!
        Hope your July is off to a great start – ☀️☀️☀️☀️

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        1. Ouch… I hope you’re all feeling better. At least it wasn’t so bad that you couldn’t enjoy the wedding and I’m sure you’ve got some interesting photos and stories for us 😉

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          1. Yes – some little stories – and my spouse got it after we were home – but son’s gf was ill the way home and then in bed for two days – and so far I am holding my own pretty well – thx for checking – xxoo
            And hope u have are having a nice start to your weekend A 😉

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