Look Up



Just because somebody’s looking down on you, that’s doesn’t mean you should look up to them. Just a thought…


In response to WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge – Look up.



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  1. That is a good line – don’t have to look up – hmmmm
    True that…..
    Of the three photos I like the cuiture rich feel of the first one – for some reason the two shades being rolled down have so much interest to me – the look of them – how they are used like that – and then the two being pulled down vs the other patios not having them.
    Could be a story prompt photo ((or maybe I have seen way too many story prompt photos this week – lol!!)) It is almost time for some beach days – and then later “Regina” will join me – wink

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    1. Those windows are exactly what I liked about that photo – two different halves of one, open vs. closed, there are some possibilities 🙂 . I went to see that small town knowing nothing about it (somebody had recommended I go see the little stores on the shopping street, but they weren’t interesting at all). The town turned out to be great, with a rich cultural and historical background and I really liked the architecture. And the cakes they served in the café we stopped to rest a bit were sooo yummy 🙂 .
      Not long ’till Regina can join you for some lazy time, you’re right about that 😉 I hope you like her company.

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          1. Make that “good cake” – as you noted ! Ha!
            And quick story – I am not a huge cake person at all – but at times it is the perfect food – like a bday – adventure day – or even maybe to share with family “just because”‘- so we go to this wedding (2006) at a winery and all was so nice – but no cake! The bride and groom had a small one made and they did the cake cermony on s balcony – and the waiters brought around gourmet desert snack things – but felt deprived – ha! There is s time to “let them eat cake” 🎂🍰🎂🍰

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            1. A cake-less wedding… oh well, at least they had a bride and a groom 😉 If a wedding is not a “let them have cake” moment, I don’t know what is
              I must confess, I’m a big fan of cakes (good cakes)…ok, I like sweets in general 🙂 Luckily, my metabolism is on my side, so I can indulge… within healthy limits.

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              1. Hi – well the couple had cake in their veranda – it was weird –
                And the thing I have come to realize about sweets kind of relates to other foods – it is nuts much better when the ingredients are “real” – and this HFCS is really bad for the liver and body – and yet this junk sugar is snuck into food everywhere – argh-

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              2. I know what you mean, you need a chemistry degree to understand what the ingredients in most products are. Personally I try to reduce the amount of already prepared sweets I consume… and the fact that I enjoy baking and cooking in general does help, especially since there seems to be a tendency of tempering our food consumption when we make the effort of preparing a meal 😉 . And I guess it won’t kill me if once in a while I splurge and have desert in a nice restaurant or café 😉 .


              3. and you know – I think this is how sweet treats are to be enjoyed – when out or when baking at home – but it seems like sugar is in every meal for some folks. I almost wrote about it a while back – but it is so layered – and I know one lady who insists that all FDA approved coloring are still the same thing as eating paint. The body has to process it…
                and for some people – it is not a matter of metabolism and if they can enjoy sweets – it is a matter of a corrupted bioterrain and so when they eat sweets – the body’s flora is all off and so it feeds microbes and pathogens. It is sometime I am still learning about – and it seems to be the topic of study for some others that i follow – like one guy who never talks about sugar or health stuff – recently had a chat about obesity in the US (a little about the high fructose corn syrup damage) and then said that folks who take NAC (or L-cysteine) and alpha lipoid acid can really combat the damage done by these corrupted foods and HFCS items. I have heard of those two for other things and found it very interesting.

                and not to ramble too much (but I guess this is what we do – huh?) I also believe that for some folks, there are certain intestinal flukes that wreak havoc on their body and if they have them in the pancreas – well it impacts the way they process sugar – and I know Hulda Clark gets some bad talk for her zapping, but the more i study – the more I find much of her research to be true to what many in our circle have experienced – and she has a section in one of her books about flukes (flat worms) and the disease they can bring to “some” people.

                and speaking of books….
                countdown is on until yours is ready. I am working on a draft of a book about “perspective” – just playing with some chapters – with an a to z of course. Keep you posted.


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              4. Our blogs are perfect places for rambling 😉 .
                I remember when I first heard about sugar being present in foods one normally wouldn’t expect to find it in, I obsessively read all the labels on stuff I bought for a while after that. I calmed down eventually, we find out about so many things of the sort all the time, that we stand a good chance of driving ourselves mad constantly worrying over it. So as far as I’m concerned, I try to maintain a balanced diet and help my body and mind survive today’s lifestyle as well as I can 😉 .
                “Perspective” is such a rich topic, there are so many ways in which it can be approached and interpreted, I think the book is a great idea. Good luck with it, I’m sure it’ll be an interesting read 🙂 .

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              5. thanks so much – and not going very well this week – (need to fine tune my perspective focus) – ha – but I have outlines going and my biggest goal is to keep it “me” and come from my heart – and to not make it this scholarly work – and even if it is average – it might be the best I can do and that will be good enough for me for this time in my life.
                anyhow, hope you had a greta weekend….

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              6. That’s all we can ask from ourselves, really. The best we can do has to be enough (if I say this often enough, maybe it’ll sink in 😉 ). And managing to stay true to yourself and pouring some of your soul in this work is something a reader should appreciate. Not everything we create can be a masterpiece and that should ok. Anyway, I can relate to your trouble focusing, this summer doesn’t seam like the best time for me to do that successfully – must be all the heat 😉 . But you’ll get there, I’m sure.
                Good luck with your writing and I hope you have a good week 🙂 ❤

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              7. Thanks Ana – and was thinking of part of our chat earlier today when I dumped some juice down the drain- it was “diet” cranberry juice with chemicals – and my point? Real sugar is better than fake chemicals – whether it be juice – or desserts! – keeping it real and good quality is a must!!

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