“I’m interested in achieving a goal, nothing else – producing a result, solving a puzzle, penetrating a secret.”

Pablo Picasso


How can we really tell when we should focus on the details and when to have the bigger picture in mind?…


In response to WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge – Details.

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  1. I half like Picasso – but the quote here was nice – and good point – the assessing of details vs larger picture – a time for both! Hmmmmm
    And love the nature here

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  2. Analytic thinking, parts of a whole, address each detail for whether it belongs and then how significant. If a detail isn’t significant, why is it in the work? Think of unnecessary words in a story or poem. Isn’t every detail of a painting or sculpture important to the work?

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    1. Each detail needs to be just right for the whole to work properly, I agree. Yet I find myself obsessing over certain details in real life, spending so much time and energy on them, that I don’t even mind the bigger picture anymore… Balance and perspective are definitely necessary.

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