One More Cup of Coffee


The espresso pot was making its usual burbling noise. Coffee was almost ready. I looked outside through the large glass door. The sky was on fire yet again. I am a not a morning person. I took the pot aside, switching off the stove. I am a coffee person. I poured all the freshly brewed espresso in one of those big ugly cups that came with the apartment. For about one year they had been our cups. And that had been our apartment. Just like that had been our town.

I pushed the glass door open and stepped out on the terrace. It was still winter, but the air felt like a warm spring day was about to unfold. We don’t only say goodbye to people. We also say goodbye to the places with which we connected, which meant something to us. I didn’t instantly like the big, crowded town still snoozing behind the early morning lights. But I had spent so much time there, going back and forth, that it had become a second home for one year. Pretty soon I started to understand its language, its pace and its peculiarities and it grew on me.

I had a few minutes to spare. And we needed to say our goodbyes, the half-asleep town and I. The culture, the history, the fun, the laziness and alternating fast pace, all the discoveries that I hadn’t gotten around to make, I would miss them all. Places can surprise you… just like people. Would I ever return? Who knows… who knows when or how… We can only know for sure when we leave. But one thing I did know, it would never be in that same little corner, in that same little moment in life.

So goodbyes had to be said quietly, over that last cup of coffee, staring at the colourful view I had enjoyed so many times. Curled up on a chair, my bare feet freezing and my palms pleasantly hot around the coffee cup, I took it all in one more time. Goodbye, Madrid!

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27 Replies to “One More Cup of Coffee”

  1. Have you ever smelled “Polo” cologne? Well my apartment in 87 to 88 – in the bathroom, the previous tenant spilled a bottle of this men’s cologne in the bathroom mirrored cabinet – and it was mild and nice… anyhow, to this day – when i smell that (which is rare) I remember that apartment – the mood and memories there…. the people that came and went and the younger person I was… anyhow – I just shared that – 🙂

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    1. Olfactory memory is such an amazing thing… just one whiff and we’re back in time, to a certain place or with a certain person. I remember you like that cologne 🙂 it’s a good thing the guy had decent tastes. I tend to associate various fragrances with the people wearing them and I just can’t wear a perfume – no matter how much I like it – if a person I strongly dislike or associate with something really unpleasant also wore it.

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      1. I am touched you recall – I feel like I sometimes forget some stuff via blog shares ((when I normally would remember everything)) – but I have gotten better –
        anyhow – I know what you mean about the associations – even though I do not change up perfumes – I have been wearing the same perfume since 1989 – crazy! I did try a few here and there – but settled for my fav.
        do you have s favorite perfume/parfum that is your major used one or do you change a lot? – and by the way – Chanel #5 makes me gag – but I do have a bottle of it – felt like I had to buy some in the 90’s / and kept it –

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        1. I can’t commit to one fragrance alone 🙂 I generally like to have a few options I can choose from, according to my mood and the occasion. But Chanel 5 is not among the ones I like either, it’s just not me. I once received it as a gift from a guy I was dating and thought to myself, “He really doesn’t know me…”, but I did appreciate the gesture. Yet I do like Coco Mademoiselle, that’s one of my classics; and I’ve yet to get bored of Gaultier’s Madame and YSL Cinema 🙂 I like discovering new ones, but I don’t change my mind about those that I don’t like – like YSL Rive Gauche. Now I’m curious, what’s that one perfume that won your heart and you’ve been faithful to for all these years?

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              1. well it is a very “interesting” one and I will have to let you know later – like I do not believe it is even sold at department stores – I forget – but when I check on it I will let u know -🙄

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          1. well I would love to smell the ones you mentioned – and my perfume is “safari” by Ralph Lauren – disoveded it in 89 – with my little sis as we walked into a mall in Orlando Florida – promoters were out greeting – loved it – but still dabbled a bit – and “Lauren” was another one that mixed with my body chemistry – I also had a custom perfume from Paris – isn’t that a treat – senior year high school trip to Europe led to some fun things and that was one….
            but by early 1992 I was only wearing safari – it mixes with my body.
            anyhow – Quick side note – skimmed a part of parallel lives last night – was winding down and the pajamas (or pyjamas) –
            and finally ready to dive into Regina this weekend – woo hoo – 😌

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            1. We discover some of the best things by accident 😉 I’ll have to find out what Safari smells like. And the custom perfume sounds like a delightful treat, it’s always nice when we have a little something made especially for us.
              I hope you had a relaxing weekend with Regina 😉 Have a nice week and take care ❤

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              1. be back with Regina ramble (or chat- but R sounds better )
                and hope the rest of August is good for you (and as I text this I am at the beach – we snuck away to get a few hours in – whew – so glad too!

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  2. Those transitions! I find it so hard leaving places and starting over. Yet, at the same time, we need to grow and extend ourselves.
    Fantastic sunrise photo. I don’t see the sunrise that often myself.
    xx Rowena

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