Parallel Lives – Sample Fragment 49


He had already planned to have a quick look thorough that bag when she’d be in the shower, but he hadn’t thought about the fact that she would need it exactly then. Never mind, everybody’s tricks would become clear soon. After closing the terrace doors and the curtains covering the windows, Robert lay down on the bed, pulling the hotel bathrobe, so that he would maintain a certain amount of decency, absently watching TV while waiting for her to finish with the bath.

I’ve certainly taken my time… The room was endowed with a very elegant, large bathroom, of which Amalia took full advantage, and she finally felt relaxed and ready to move on. She could hear the room service waiter knocking at the door a few minutes earlier, the drinks had arrived. One more glance in the mirror. Good, exactly how it was supposed to be. It’s time. Game on.

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    1. I won’t lie, knowing that makes me a little bit nervous 🙂 I hope it doesn’t turn into a waste of reading time and you enjoy it. In case you don’t have a copy yet, ley me know and I can send you one whenever you want.

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              1. Ok – let me think about it because I might iPad it – I will be getting it a little later this month so I will touch base later (after the 26th) 🙂 hugs


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