Parallel Lives – Sample Fragment 56


She did want the full experience, she thought; in his turn, Robert not only wanted the same thing, but he was clearly a lot more invested in obtaining it and enjoying it than she was. That might have something to do with one’s age, but the real culprit is most likely the selfishness that makes some people so detached and indifferent to others’ needs, once the body and the ego have obtained the sexual gratification and acknowledgement for which they were initially striving.

“You said your family had a small vineyard when you were a child, right? You’d go and play around, while watching the adults pick grapes and make wine every autumn.”

“I did, yes. And your point is…”

“Then I know where we’re having lunch. It might be too early to fool around and watch how they make the wine, but it’s never too early to take a few bottles home with us.”

The car swerved abruptly to the left on a deserted country road and after a few hundred metres Amalia could see the name of a vineyard carved and painted on an old wooden sign as they were entering the gates.

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  1. Such an evoctive excerpt, Ana!… I truly like your descriptions, the image of the vineyard here… and the female´s character name of course (I share that one with her!)… sending best wishes. Aquileana (Amalia) 🙂

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  2. I’m not sure why but I feel I’ve read this elsewhere. Has somebody plagiarised this from an e book? It’s easy to cull novels from that type of format. I heard of a case of this happening on watt pad.

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    1. I couldn’t tell you for sure… The text was published as an e-book, but I have no idea if somebody plagiarized it or not. I’ve heard of such cases as well. Unfortunately, it’s a risk… But thank you for letting me know. 🙂

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