Glass Slippers and Stilettos – Driving Regina (Fragment)


Damn it, it’s all his fault… But the person Regina had in mind in her state of shock was not the driver of that other car. Now I won’t get to see him again, not this night… Or will I? An idea occurred to the woman as her trembling fingers were fishing for her work phone in the purse on the seat on her right. Involved in an accident on my way to your place. Need you. Pls. This should get him to come over and see her…


It doesn’t look like there was anybody else in that car, just the driver… and he seems fine, just terrified, the same way she feels right now. But he’s a man… I can work with that. I can get out of this and keep my driver’s license. And the insurance will pay for that piece of junk of his… Regina’s big, innocent eyes fill with tears and the shawl on her shoulders opens up, revealing her beautiful cleavage while she finally decides to emerge from the shelter of her somewhat damaged vehicle.


Taking a quick look at the two cars and at the two shaken drivers, Boyfriend cannot help but feel somewhat responsible… she will certainly blame him. He was the one who left after their fight; he was the one who took her phone, because he wanted to read all her emails and messages, suspecting that there might be more to be discovered about her so-called friendships with other men; and he wanted her to come running, asking him to go back to her. That was their game, they had played it so often! He just hadn’t expected her to be so careless and stupid. Look at her, she left wearing that house dress and flip-flops, speeding down the road to get to his place as fast as possible… His heart filling with pride when understanding how desperate she was to see him again, Boyfriend feels he can be generous and overlook the fact that she dares wear another man’s jacket.


Regina’s perfectly contoured lips part and then close again. For once, she has decided to think before speaking. Five minutes later you finally reach your destination. You and everybody else on the streets are finally safe, as Regina is neither a driver, nor a passenger… for the time being. Perhaps it’s you who’s exaggerating the importance of certain things. After all, the rest of the drive to her place was uneventful… if you don’t count being stopped and fined by the police, because she simply refused to inconvenience herself by wearing the seatbelt. Of course she’ll pay the fine, she mentioned in a very offended tone. But whether you like to admit it or not, experience has already taught you otherwise…

You can find the full version of “Glass Slippers and Stilettos” on iBooks, Kobo, Barnes&Noble and Smashwords. I hope you enjoy it!

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  1. Dear Ana,

    I have been wondering about this story/book considering that I have a love affair with shoes, especially stilettos, Jimmy Choo, if I could afford them – lol! So, I have to just get your book for myself and read it asap. 🙂

    And, having written a book on glass slippers and stilettos, I don’t think there’s anyone more perfect to write a fresh take on an old classic, Cinderella, although in short story format. You will be honoring our project with your participation. Do please check it out if this interests you and when you have a moment. We are pretty excited about it and I hope you will be, too.

    Here is the link to the guidelines:

    I look forward to your feedback.


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    1. Hi, Anne 🙂
      I share your passion for stilettos in general and Choos in particular 😉 . I hope you enjoy the book, if you have the time to read it, even if neither glass slippers, nor stilettos are featured prominently, the title is more of a metaphor.
      I just read about your project and I find it very interesting – the Cinderella story can be reread and reinterpreted in countless ways and it has inspired so many people! Thank you for your invitation, I’m flattered 🙂 I’ll give it some thought and if I come up with something interesting, I’ll get back to you.
      Once again, thanks for thinking of me 🙂 ❤

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      1. Hello Ana,
        Oh wow! I do have to read your book now, and not only because I am hopeless with metaphors and similes. It seems even more interesting now. ☺
        I do hope you’ll find time to participate.
        Thanks so much. Much love and hugs 💖🤗

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