Winter Moments – Exquisite


In response to WordPress Daily Post One Word Prompt – Exquisite.


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    1. Hi, Naomi 🙂 . Congratulations on receiving this well-deserved award! Thank you for your nomination, I’m really flattered you thought of me. A while ago I stopped accepting awards – mainly out of lack of time – but I have a section on my blog where I thank everybody who nominates me, so I’ll include a link to your site. I hope that’s ok. Once again, thank you. 🙂

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      1. Thank you kindly Anna for the acknowlegement. And also for the idea of having an awards section. I can see how much time these take. I think I’ll learn from your approach and do that. 😁

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  1. I so love that first snowfall when everything is exquisitely untouched. Walking through the snow, although cold, touches my heart as nothing else can so I thank you for these beautiful pictures you so willingly shared.

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