Happy Easter!

9 Replies to “Happy Easter!”

  1. those artsy eggs are wonderful….I have a small yellow box that is an old decorating kit.. it says “Lula’s Ukrainian East Egg decorating kit” and it has wax and dye – I wonder if it is used to make eggs that look as pretty as the ones here….
    did you make these eggs?

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    1. No, no, no, I have no such skills 🙂 They are hand painted, but I got them at Easter fair several years ago. Now they make an appearance every Easter 🙂 .
      I think that’s what your decorating kit might be used for – I’m not sure what the Ukrainian egg decorating traditions are – but I do know wax and dye were certainly involved in decorating the ones I’ve got.

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      1. oh well they are beautiful. I will try and show you a photo of the little tool that is inside my kit… it is so interesting.
        and must have been a nice fair!
        these are my favorite kind of art eggs….

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