Three Day Quote Challenge – Day 1

A while back, Yvette from priorhouse blog invited me to take part in the three day quote challenge. The time has come for me to honour her generous invitation. As it turns out, the rules are simple and not at all restrictive. There is no time limit, all one needs to do is post three quotes on three (preferably) consecutive days and nominate other fellow bloggers who might enjoy this challenge.

I would like to invite all of you to take part in this challenge, if you feel so inclined. I will also nominate somebody every day, but please don’t feel pressured to participate – I am aware these things can be time consuming.

My mind instantly went to some of my favourite quotes, from authors and books that have influenced me over the years. As I pondered which three should make the cut, I realized I actually wanted to go another way. Since I started blogging, I had the chance to come across so many interesting, inspiring, talented, yet relatively unknown authors, so I would like to share some fragments from their work.


“I watched the sun sink between two bamboo poles and knew that I didn’t want to die before writing what I needed to write . Suddenly I felt that through my writing, I would fulfil my life’s purpose. Whatever it was, I would discover it in the creation of my books , and it is this delight at wanting to discover my purpose that keeps me writing. A perfect catch – 22.”

Today’s quote is from Carol Balawyder’s Mourning Has Broken. I have enjoyed all of her books, yet so far this is my favourite. But I still have her most recent book on my “to read” list, so who knows…

Today’s special nominee is Theresa Baker from Lab Notes – if and whenever you feel like sharing a few quotes with us, Theresa. Anyone else who wants to participate is also welcome.

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  1. Hi there Ana – I am so glad that you made the time to do the quote challenge- and what a nice idea to share emerging authors (I am working in reverse here and read day 3 first)- oh and side note – I did not get a pingback for the linkage here – or I would have come sooner – I think that when you link a blog and not an actual post – it does not show up anywhere in notifications – and so if that is true – your nominee here, Baker, will not have gotten a pingback. So I try to link to a post to make sure folks get the ping (or try to)

    and Carol’s quote is really nice

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    1. Good to know about the pingback situation – that must be why nobody reacted (a bit strange though, I think I’ve linked this way before and it worked). Oh well… Anyway, it was fun thinking back of the new authors I got to discover by blogging.

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      1. yeah – I recall the pings not working for me in 2014 – like someone shared a photo “for priorhosue blog” – it was this guy names Michael and well – I never got a ping-
        and then I was nominated for an award and I went weeks later and saw the nom –
        I dunno – so for me I think it has been that way. Maybe the happiness engineers can fix it – lol

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