Three Day Quote Challenge – Day 2

Don’t blush, Yvette. Today is your day!


“There’s a different kind of beauty that can be extracted from brokenness. It’s a delicate, vulnerable life phase, but moving through brokenness can wake us up and clear away the dross. Often, it allows us to later appreciate and soak up beauty in a way we might otherwise miss.”

Yvette Prior, Lady by the River

Today’s special nominee is India Blue from A Place for Creative Expression – if and whenever you feel like sharing a few quotes with us, I know you’re going through a difficult time. Anyone else who wants to participate is also welcome.

5 Replies to “Three Day Quote Challenge – Day 2”

  1. omg – I didn’t blush – but my eyes bulged – and now I feel all swollen with emotion – in a way that I am touched to my core.
    oh ana – thanks for the smile with this –
    and as I reread what I wrote – I kinda forgot about it.
    but – well – thanks!!
    and now you know you have inspired me to do a lady by the river post.
    I need to connect with Christie B still and that feature post – but I think it is time to really share about this project on prior-house blog cos I have not really done that yet. This post is fuel…..
    you rock

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