Happy Birthday and We’ll Always Have Paris!

Some things are rare – so rare in fact, that we can hardly believe them when they happen to us.

We met with no hopes and expectations, knowing it can’t last and it can’t mean anything… and soon after we both understood how wrong we had been. But for two people so used to being right all the time, being wrong turned out to mean unexpected happiness.

Talking, sharing and generally being ourselves never felt easier. We got to know parts of each other so deeply hidden, that we almost forgot existed. From the very first moment, we could just look at something or someone, then look back into each other’s eyes and childishly burst into laughter or make an irritated face – we had the same thoughts and noticed the same aspects. We share the same kind of cynicism and banter for which many consider us heartless and cold – we understand each other. Those parts of who we are that others fear or loathe, we cherish, because we believe those are exactly the bits that make us special. We led entirely different lives, yet it instantly became clear we shared similar values. Somehow, we instinctively saw past each other’s façade and perhaps that was when we understood what was missing.

We challenge each other, we debate anything and everything just for the fun of it – because we know we found a worthy opponent; and no matter who wins, the other is pleased and proud to have such a person in their life. Knowing we can tackle any subject, no matter if we’re of the same opinion or not, is no small thing.

We were never going to represent convention – neither one of us fully understands the normal idea of “normal”, and when it comes to rules, we’re mostly good at obeying our own. Imagine finding some other person who somehow considers the identical rules worth following and is of the same mind with you, when it comes to those to be disregarded…

We don’t believe in “forever” – that’s not for us. But we worked terribly hard over the years, both to keep going and to reduce the distance, when distance became the main inconvenience keeping us apart. Will we be able to continue doing this in the future or will we give up? Neither one of us can tell for sure. But one thing is certain. The memories will remain. What we had so far all these years will always be a great part of our souls. We’ve enriched each other’s lives and we grew together a little bit more, just when we were sure we were fully formed people.

You gave me the sky and I gave you the sea. We travelled together, we discovered and rediscovered. We sang, we danced, we decorated Christmas trees, we watched Christmas movies and musicals. We were happy and we despaired, together. We fought distance and time, and we still try to do so. We lived.

In many ways, we are among the lucky ones. How many people can say, I’ll see you in Paris, and mean it? That’s what I asked you a few weeks ago, as we were both packing our bags. Paris was our first trip together; it’s also our most recent one… If there is something good about long distance, that must be the fact that you learn to appreciate every moment and make the best of the time spent together. The rest is just life, with its everyday struggles; yet knowing that there is someone who cares, something to look forward to, that’s motivation.

To that special man in my life, who recites Shakespeare and Burns, who sings carols and songs from Grease and Dirty Dancing to me on the phone, to the man who’s not ashamed to admit he’s seen Love Actually countless times, to him I wish a happy birthday. To the man who always sends me roses because he knows I love them and occasionally teddy bears because he knows I don’t like them, to the man who pulled me up several times when I could go no further, to him I once more wish a happy birthday! May all your wishes come true!

To you, I thank for being part of my life and for sharing yours with me!

Happy Birthday! We’ll always have Paris… and Madrid… and all those many other wonderful places, feelings and experiences in between.

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      1. well I did not feel the melancholy – but did feel different moods – if that makes sense.
        and hey – we have to write what needs to be written and so I am glad you let it flow baby

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