Some Stories Have to Be Told

Idea notebooks, random scribbling on post-its, notes on your phone, various drafts on your computer… if you’re anything like me – that is, if you enjoy writing – then you’ve probably accumulated all of them. I’m not as bad as it sounds, really…. It’s a neat mess I’m talking about here, I know where everything goes. I also know which nonsensical drafts/ideas might stand a chance to become something more, so I keep them… sometimes for years.Sometimes I might have a story clearly shaped in my mind, yet the words just don’t flow. I’ll give it a try and if that doesn’t work, I’ll drop it until a later time, when I feel like I have to write it, and the words flow. That being said, I had a draft containing no more than one paragraph I’d written several years ago, yet I just couldn’t get myself to continue it. Once in a while I’d think of it, but nothing, even if I knew what story I wanted to write. That is, nothing until last year, when I finally felt the time had come for that particular story to be told. And it was not only the time for it, but also for a few others I had floating in my mind, notes about them in my idea notebook, secretly hoping to put them together in the one book.

Some stories need to be told…. and they’re not always the pretty ones.

This is how Albatross came to be.

My writing has never really been about pink clouds, sweet unicorns and happy endings, but these six short stories are very different from my previous attempts. They are about the darkness that resides within every one of us, that darkness which surfaces unexpectedly, at significant moments and during mundane, average acts alike. But who’s to judge it, when subjectivity rules the soul, when light and darkness are often interchangeable, depending on one’s perspective, when that delicate balance is also part of what makes us human, whether we like it or not?

In a nutshell, that is what I tried to mirror in Albatross. Beauty and darkness coexist and can even manifest themselves at the same time. I’ve never been a fan of trying to sweep life’s ugliness under the rug, either in literature or in one’s real existence. Trying to focus on the positive, being appreciative and making the best of one’s opportunities does not translate in ignoring the negative and closing our eyes in front of tragedy. Accepting, acknowledging and trying to understand darkness is how we learn, how we survive and how we manage to improve.

At first, I wasn’t sure what I would do with this set of stories, whether I would feel comfortable publishing them or not. What I knew was that I wanted to write them; I would decide whether I felt like sharing them or not once I was done writing them. So here we are… I eventually managed to finish the manuscript earlier this year and decided to publish it as an indie author, the same way I did with my two other books. Now that everything is finished, I can and I will share more details about my most recent writing accomplishment.

Well, now you know. As I have recently mentioned, this is why I haven’t been paying too much attention to my blog. Anyway, I will share more details and fragments from all the stories, in case you are curious. I hope you enjoy them. 🙂

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