Farewell, WP Photo Challenge

Funny… how little things can suddenly make us feel nostalgic. I’m sure that many of you will miss the Weekly Photo Challenge, just as I will… and just as I did, many of you have dug through your photo archives for some of your all-time favourites.

A quick glance at the photos I’ve posted since I started blogging reminded me that I found a nice, understanding and supportive community in his little corner of the internet. I am obviously no photographer, and I remember that initially I was uncomfortable and shy about posting photos. After all, I was thinking that my blog would be all about writing… But it soon became something else. I quickly realised how much photos can enhance and personalize my blog.

Like I said, I am no photographer, but I love taking pictures, lots and lots of them, of all sorts of things – it’s about capturing a moment, a feeling or a fleeting thought, just like writing. It wasn’t about perfect composition or impeccable images, I got to understand. After all, life is anything but perfect… And life does get in the way, so we don’t always have much time or energy to spare for our blogs. So my “writing” blog now includes many, many posts which contain mainly photos, and I “blame” the weekly photo challenge and occasionally the daily post for it 😉 .

Even when I didn’t feel like writing or didn’t have enough time for it, I could keep in touch with the blogging world and share snippets of life through a few photos. So a warm thank you to the WP team that has provided us with inspiration and to all of you who took part in the challenge and took time to stop by and share your thoughts. Let’s keep in touch! 🙂

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  1. You have beautiful photos! Yes, I will truly miss being a part of this group. Even my daughter was surprised it was coming to an end as she knew how much I loved sharing and viewing others photos. I have met some wonderful people through the challenge and even flew to New Mexico from New York last year to explore the woods with a new friend met through the challenge. Thank you for sharing your wonderful journey

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    1. Wow, that’s amazing! I didn’t get to meet anyone in person, but it was a fun journey nevertheless 🙂 The challenge coming to an end came as a surprise to quite a few of us, from what I read, and I’m sure it will be missed. As many other bloggers noted, it was a nice way to connect, in a safe environment. Well, let’s just enjoy nice photos and beautiful people one more time. 😉

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