The Magic of June

I always loved the beginning of summer. For so many reasons – some deep, others more superficial – June has always been a special time of year for me…

It’s that time of year which makes me feel everything is possible. Years keep passing, yet this sensation is a powerful constant every early summer. Together with my love for fresh cherries and strawberries and that unbelievable fragrance of blooming linden trees, it’s something I hope to always love, a part of me I hope will never change. It has always been a promise of new experiences, unexpected options and lots of fun. With that come the itch to run away and travel, the desire to try something different, and the somewhat self-destructive wish to rock the boat.

I’m celebrating the magic of June in a special way this year, by publishing a new book. It’s a gift to myself, first and foremost. Yes, yes, I’m a selfish creature, I know. After all, it is why I write: because I like to, and that’s when I enjoy sharing my writing with others, but most often because I need to, and that’s generally only for myself. What can I say, I am a flawed person… so are my characters… in various ways, aren’t we all?… Ironically, I am celebrating what for me is a bright time of year with a selection of stories about somewhat darker sides of the human being. Well, I am also twisted sometimes. Nevertheless, it does add something special and new to my month of June, and it was something to look forward to ever since I decided that June 15th is the right release date for Albatross. Besides, light and darkness go so well together…

A beautiful month of June to all of you, full of dreams, warmth and new experiences!

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