Neighbours (Fragment 1)

People come together under most unexpected of circumstances. Sometimes love unites them; but there are also those times when hatred and revenge forge the strongest connections.


A moan escaped from the thrashed creature, but no eyes turned into that direction.

“He killed them…” the professor cried. “Do you think I have any moral holdback about hurting a man who can’t defend himself? I don’t give a fuck, not after that night. He killed them… he killed a pregnant woman and her unborn child… that’s all I have left, the hope to get my hands on him…”

The heart-breaking lament died out, the professor’s voice breaking down in tears as the officer’s wife stood in front of him. Her big, kind, motherly eyes were somehow controlling his glance, he realized, bringing it back from the object of his rage, bringing him back from his own blinding pain.

“Not like this, not here… you’ve waited so long, let’s do everything right.” Her voice was as commanding as her husband’s.

She was right. And his neighbour didn’t deserve to be subjected to such disrespectful behaviour, not after she miraculously delivered that man to him. His body relaxed and he was again trusted to move as he pleased.

“I apologize. You’re right, of course. And thank you, you have no idea what this means to me.” He looked his neighbour in the eye, making sure she wasn’t offended or disgusted by his behaviour.

But the woman was now on the edge of the sofa, transfixed with a similar sort of rage.

“No worries,” she hissed. “He’s all yours… ours… same…”

“… same as we were his.”

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