Everybody Jump (Part 1)

No better time to venture outside one’s comfort zone than summer, I say.

In the spirit of the afore mentioned belief, I occasionally feel like getting out of the house without any makeup on or investing in an ugly pair of hiking boots and going to the mountains… or even like writing something slightly more personal and fun for my blog, to break the recent routine of wordless photography and book related stuff.

Anyone who’s met me would probably suspect a music festival isn’t exactly my scene. But then again, they wouldn’t believe I can knit, sew, crochet or garden either. Everyone who actually knows me would probably say, “You never really know, with her…” I do have eclectic interests…

Let’s see if I can blame this one on summer heat… or perhaps on that oh so very trendy FOMO… or maybe on that moment of boredom and curiosity… The point is, I gave in and decided to go see what that festival was about, the one that everybody seemed to be talking about. After all, it was taking place right under my nose, in my own town. People were flocking from all over the country and even from abroad to take part, and once more I wasn’t even going to be bothered to check it out… or was I?

Technically, the event wasn’t exactly outside my comfort zone, I had been to such things before, but I couldn’t say they’re my first choice of entertainment either… and the last one I’d been to, a couple of years back, was a bit of a disappointment (I stayed for a few hours and left, no regrets whatsoever for not returning the following day)… But this one did seem more promising when it took place last year.

Oh well, let’s just go and see! Said and done, last minute plans were made, tickets were purchased, and as far as I was concerned, the only thing left to do was choose the right outfits; and I wasn’t too worried about my options.


To be continued…

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