Everybody Jump (Part 2)

Part 1

I Think I Wore This Before

Looking around these days, I often feel either terribly nostalgic or ever so slightly exasperated with the repetition. I catch myself rolling my eyes; then I remember, this too shall pass. Yes, it’s a loaded fashion time for me, as I’m sure it is for many ladies of my generation.

Quite a few stores and display windows make me pause and think, I wore this before… or at least something very similar. But so many memories and considerations about the past caught up with me during the last year, so why wouldn’t fashion do the same?…

I couldn’t help myself, that’s about all I can say when it comes to that dress. It’s so much like one I had many moons ago, that the moment I entered the store I went straight for it. A rush of sensations and memories overwhelmed me, things I’ve seen, felt and done, people I’ve been with while wearing that dress. I’ll try it on and won’t like it, that’ll put an end to it. But I did like it… and I didn’t look ridiculous either; worse even, I could think of a few items I could match it with and some casual situations in which I could easily wear it without the slightest danger of looking inappropriate. Oh well, I guess I knew all along that I was going to buy it… and it was on sale too, it cost next to nothing… what the hell, even if I’m never wearing it, it’s not a waste of money… and just thinking about buying this one and about wearing that old one was so much fun.

So I finally put it on, half a year later, considering it a valid option. It’s not as short as the old one, and that’s a good thing. But it’s the same size, and vanity takes over – the “me” back then would be proud of today’s “me”, if she knew I managed to keep in shape and not really look my age. Ah, the vane creatures both of us are… the vane creature I will most likely remain. Right… I know I would have worn it with some high heel boots back then; but now I’ll go for some cute and comfy low heel ankle boots. The leather jacket is optional, it might be too warm for that, but I really like how it completes the outfit, and the bag I was thinking of is just perfect. Yes, I’m pleased with myself as I go through my jewellery, trying to decide what might go with the outfit.

Some things never change, I can’t help thinking. Feeling good about what I wear makes me feel better in general, it lifts my spirit. I’ve always had fun with clothes, picking them, matching them, altering them myself or even transforming them into something completely different, making them fit my style, rather than change my style in order to match a trend.

Some things can never be the same. In general, I no longer put as much thought and feeling into what I wear as I used to. It’s not that I care less, I simply gained experience and I can come up with an appropriate outfit without paying too much attention (that is, when I’m not faced with that oh so common dilemma – countless clothes and nothing to wear). But experience makes you jaded sometimes, you know what works, therefore you don’t bother trying out something new and unexpected, so you miss out on potential revelations…

Leather jacket off, I stare at what my mirror sees. No, I’m not the same, in spite of certain appearances. I put on the cuff bracelet I’m thinking of wearing and as I feel the weight of the cold metal on my wrist, I’m at peace with this tiny revelation. If the dress is a blast from the past, that bracelet is certainly an anchor into the present. There are so many sides to the person we are, there’s nothing wrong with acknowledging them, at least in front of the mirror.

My eyes focus on the boots next. I realize that unless I go shopping, I’ll have to wear those boots with every outfit – when it comes to footwear appropriate for the occasion, I don’t have many options, because that’s not really my style. But somehow, I’m not bothered, I like those ankle boots and they’re versatile, so I don’t mind wearing them every day of the festival. Talk about venturing outside my comfort zone…

Amused with myself and with my childish festival enthusiasm, I head to the wardrobe in search of more clothing options. Not being an everyday affair, I’m having fun with all those unexpected fashion possibilities. I think I needed this…

To be continued…

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  1. I am on to part 3 – but wanted to leave a little comment – love the way the accessory anchored to the present –
    And omg to this:
    “countless clothes and nothing to wear”

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      1. Yes – and it is all about truly what is needed for that day-‘or afternoon – sometimes anything works –
        Other times – eh – not so
        And ties into all the psychology you know about attire and the evolving individual

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