Everybody Jump (Part 3)

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Dance Like No One’s Watching

Yes, I definitely needed this, I realized as soon as I got over that slight annoyance of the security check. I love dancing. I always have, even if as a child my mother repeatedly told me I had no sense of rhythm. But once I overcame that childish insecurity, I simply couldn’t care less. I would never be a professional dancer, certainly no prima ballerina as my mother would have liked, but I reasoned my dancing skills were good enough for an average person. Besides, it was so much fun, empowering even. Now I would also say it’s a great workout, especially for someone like me, who hates working out.

I must have been 10 or 11 the first time I entered a club, and it was with my mother and her friends. I remember pestering her to take me along, until she finally did one night, after promising to be on my best behaviour and listen only to her. We didn’t stay long, but that night made my summer holiday. I was fascinated with the music, the lights and the people, and even if my mother watched me like a hawk, I remember how much fun I had dancing with her and her friends. Surprisingly, no one believed me when I told them back in school that autumn… hmm, who would have thought?…

It didn’t take long (even if it felt like a lifetime back then) until we started going to clubs by ourselves, without our parents knowing about it, of course. I must have been 12 or 13 the first time, and it didn’t take that long to feel like we owned the place. Many things were different and we never had any trouble getting into these places or buying drinks and cigarettes. Ah, the good old ‘90s…

But I digress… so fast-forward to present day… I still go clubbing occasionally, but I no longer am the avid club goer I used to be; and these days I also make fun of what’s become ridiculous clubbing “etiquette”. Once in a while, I miss that loud music and dancing to it the whole night with a drink in my hand. I need the sound, the movement and the maddening lights to wash away all my worries and empty my mind for a few hours. So I go back. But I usually get exasperated with the “see and be seen, show off and envy” tendencies. I don’t feel like sitting at a table, observe and evaluate or listen to others evaluate price tags on acquaintances’ and strangers’ outfits and cars. So that casual festival scene was just what I needed.

We looked around, trying to suss out what’s what and where; we realized the event was bigger than we expected; we complimented the organization; we took a quick trip to “1984” and got annoyed with our mobile service provider when out smartphones beeped in unison, a text message welcoming us at the festival as soon as we got there – Big Brother’s watching and don’t you forget it, not for a moment. But above all, we relaxed, we let the rhythm and atmosphere take over us, no matter what drink each of us had in their hands. And we danced, just like everyone else… like no one was watching.

It took a moment or two for me to understand why I was feeling like a drunken duck dancing, even if I was only holding a bottle of water. Right… I normally dance in high heels, that’s what I’m used to and that’s how I’m comfortable; even if I dance alone around the house, I’ll be on my toes, and I don’t do it on purpose. That’s just me, always on my toes, one way or another… And the last time I danced on the sand was how many years ago?… Let’s not even go there.

So I danced… I danced until all I could feel were the music, the moment and the exhaustion of a good time. Then we came back the following day and the following, and did the same. Somehow, life is great and everything is simpler when your oldest friend is dancing with you on his shoulders, like you used to do when you were teenagers, and the night, the music and the dance are all that matter.

To be continued…

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        1. Oh no, just the one post would have been too much, who has that kind of time?… I was thinking of shorter parts at first, but then I was having fun writing it, so I just went with it 😉

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