Everybody Jump (Part 5)

Thirty-Something Pockets

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Don’t worry, I’m not about to start rambling about financial stability or anything like that. These are a different kind of pockets…

In case that wasn’t clear, a certain facetious little question did creep into my thoughts more than once: am I too old for this? Am I too old to wear this dress? Am I too old to go to this thing? Am I too old for this sort of fun? What gets to me most is not the question, but the fact that I let a certain kind of social pressure, a judgemental, narrow-minded attitude infiltrate my thoughts. Funny, I never really wondered, “Am I too young for this?”, no matter what age I was.

We’re growing, we’re learning and we’re changing as a society in my little corner of the world, but the fact remains, there still is a considerable percentage that tends to jump from “you’re too young for this” directly to “you’re too old for it”. And if you’re over 25 and a woman, your life should officially be over, all you should concern yourself with is your job and your family. What, no family yet? Shame on you, it’s this kind of behaviour that caused it… and don’t you try and tell me that you’re happy with your life, that’s simply unacceptable.

Ok, quick rant over. I may know who I am and what my values are, but that’s not to say I am immune to any sort of self-doubt or pressure, so said insidious question did cross my mind. But since my answer was a determined, loud “NO!” followed by a shoulder shrug and “Who gives a damn, anyway…”, I was pleased to notice there were so many others sharing my opinion. The event attracted an eclectic crowd, and age was just one of the temporarily irrelevant matters. People who would normally have nothing to do with each other and would never socialize openly found a common ground for a few hours or for a few days, and that was terribly interesting to observe and analyse.

As we kept moving through the crowd we kept discovering various pockets of thirty-something year olds, who were just as comfortable and having as much fun as we did… as everybody else did, the much younger and much older ones alike. Sure, there were many mixed groups, but it was amusing to notice those grouped by generation, and then analyse and compare. What? A girl has to keep busy between acts or when she takes a break to catch her breath.

Remember “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)”? Everybody does, apparently… 🙂

Some things transcend age, I’m reminded. I see teenagers half my age sing to some of the songs that were trendy when I was in my teens, or even to older songs; fine, so the songs are now remixed by popular DJ’s, there’s a contemporary sound that reflects the artist’s interpretation, but they’re easily recognizable. But even in that crowd it’s all about the individual, and there also are many blank stares when some refreshed oldies liven the night.

It’s a sea of countless contradictions that seem to coexist without many issues, and I cannot help noticing some of them. Aside from their personal creations, young artists discover music older than they are, and they manage to breathe new life into it. Then there are the older ones, those who have managed to remain relevant in that fast-paced, youthful industry, some of which I actually remember since I was a school girl. It’s interesting to remember and compare, just as it’s a pleasure to hear some of their earlier songs and notice they are still appreciated. Sometimes age has nothing to do with it….

To be continued…

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